Psalm 119 Meditation on a January Morning

Try this:

  • Go to and click on the (instrumental) music-only pop-up player.  Cut the volume back by about half.
  • Open a new tab in, scrolling down to “Listen to the Bible.”  Click on that and then select Psalm 119 using the drop-down boxes.

You’ll hear Max McClean’s gentle and generally un-annoying voice reading the Word about the Word (the laws, the statutes and decrees, the commands and precepts, His Word, His way) to an amazingly beautiful soundtrack of worship.  The music goes on and on.  I re-play Max reading Psalm 119 three times.  That equals about an hour of the water of the Word washing over you like a fresh brook flowing.

The first time, I listened and just let the Word do some mending, re-adjusting and healing.  The second time, I prayed it to the Lord for all I was worth, just repeating in my own words what the narrator was saying as he read.  The third time through, I grabbed pen and paper and wrote the words and phrases that stuck out to me, were illuminated, things like: You are good and what You do is good…Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I may lodge… and …Your promise preserves my life…

This was how I spent my “Tent time” this morning (, joining other worshipers aound the metro-area in “creating a canopy of continuous praise.”

From Knocking at God’s Door – A Little Book of Prayers by Oswald Chambers, the January 13 prayer is:

O Lord, how excellent it is to commune with Thee in the early morning hours.  Enable me by patience to reproduce these exalted moments of calm into the activities of the day.

That Oswald could pray.  I say AMEN to that!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  I was made to worship Him.  I was born for this – lingering, praising, bringing Him honor.  Seven times a day….

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