Little chocolate nuggets of wonderfulness.

Some of my friend’s moms always kept Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup around for making chocolate milk or for pouring over ice cream.  My cousins always had huge cans of Nestle’s Quick Chocolate powder for the same.  But in our house?  It was PDQ.  Oh yes it was.  Mmmmmm….

My mom always made sure there was a jar in the cupboard.  There was chocolate milk yes.  But sometimes I just snacked on a spoonful of the crunchy yumminess (usually when no one was looking).  Then the ice cream – oh, how can I describe it?  It made a Blizzard before there were blizzards.  First you’d scoop a spoonful of the creamy frozen dessert and the PDQ granules and crunch them to the point of dissolving in your mouth.  It was chewable ice cream!  Later as the granules began to melt, you’d quickly stir the PDQ into it making your very own chocolate soft-serve delight.

Funny how you can suddenly remember something from so far back – something that was once so common you didn’t think about it ever not being there.  But PDQ is no more, except in my chocolate-flavored-granules heart….sigh.

3 thoughts on “PDQ!

  1. This product just sorta popped up out of my memory bank the other day. My husband doesn’t remember it. Did a search on google and found your ode to PDQ! Glad to know there’s another PDQ alumni member out there reminiscing about those little granules of love :)

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