One Week Later

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We gave thanks.  And we ate…a lot.

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Today is trash day and I threw away enough leftovers this morning to have fed the whole group again!  Tsk.  I mean that gravy?  Was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Really.  Amazing!  If I do say so myself.  Lots of other wonderful food, too, by all the great cooks who came to the table.  Stef & Wrex’s famous Red Hot Jello, and Tristan’s homemade bread (o the toast I have enjoyed this week) and Dessa’s corn casserole and Tara’s o-so-creamy mashed potatoes and Leah’s Mexican Pasta (the woman cooked like it was all in her court) and Stormie’s fabulous, fabulous pumpkin pies and so much more.  It was 6 or 7 meals in one!

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We sang karaoke like maniacs.

Wrex reeeeeeeallly loves to sing those country-boy-tractor-woman-lovin’ songs!  Us girls all did a rousing rendition of “You make me feel like a natural woman!”  And songs by the Monkees were popular!

The people who got the “wear black” memo.

taras-148 cooks-in-the-kitchen

Left: Dessa. Leah, Stef, Ali, Stephanie, Dave, Stormie. Right: three cooks in their aprons.

Those Thanksgiving boots were made for walking.

c-boots-1 c-boots-2

Ali, Stormie, Jovan, Stef, Tara, Tredessa

Boots were definitely the fashion footwear of the day.

We played the arguing game* and Wii.

And a certain rather large contingency disappeared into the basement for XBox 360…or something?  Dave even brought out his childhood electronic football game so the kiddos could see an antique toy. : )  

*The “arguing game” is actually Cranium Party Play-Off, available at Starbucks.

Sweet children ran and tumbled and jumped and spinned round and round.

img_6216 img_6255 taras-155

img_6303 img_6306

Gavin and Guini, Hunter and Gemma, Averi and Samuel and Moses.  They got along so well and were so sweet!

Family, by blood, by the Spirit, by choice.

taras-163 taras-157

Tredessa and Tara; Andy and Leah

taras-149 taras-156 taras-158

Leah and Tara; Tara and DP; Stefanie and Wrex (aka “Sexy Wrexy”)


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