Old hand

Now that I am up to 7 {SEVEN!} grandbebes and another due in late March, I am very laissez-faire over their antics.  Once perhaps overly cautious, I now tend to live and let live.

Which is why, when I heard Gavin say to Hunter, “Let’s go to the garage and get our tool belts,” not only did I choose not to interfere, I allowed them to borrow my {kitchen drawer} tools for whatever they were up to.

the kids on a january day

They found lumber and built a balcony on the swing set.  No hammered thumbs, no one fell off the balcony onto their heads.  All in all, a good day.

1 thought on “Old hand

  1. Oh the memories they are making at Nonna’s house…priceless.
    My boys made a fort out of all the neighborhood scraps. All the dads were missing tools that summer. They hammered away for days. They built 2 levels in a tree. The second level had over 100 nails hammered through the floor, so you had to watch your head when on the first level.

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