Christmas was a whole MONTH ago!!!

Oh, man.  I had so much more to share about Christmas 2012

But alas, I didn’t get around to it.

Christmas to me is: baking day and the grandbebes getting their hands and feet into paint for me.  It is searching for the gift that isn’t costly, but says in the deepest richest way: I do love you so much, please don’t forget.  It is lots of family events and traditional music and seeing friends and easily THE most evangelistic month of my life each year.

Celebrate with great joy BECAUSE you understand!

Really?  You can “Go Tell it on the Mountain!”  You can declare “Joy to the World” and tell people how the bells are peeling the message that “God is not dead, nor does He sleep,” and so much GOOD NEWS, great tidings of joy and Peace on earth!  :)

Um, yeah- don’t get me started.  Guaranteed, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will be back here in 10 months writing my head off about the sights and sounds of Christmas and celebrating most of all, a SAVIOR!

However, today being January 25th, I shall end Christmas 2012 (I meant to do this by Epiphany on the 6th) with this little presentation of a few images and a short video of the fam at Christmas.

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”…Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food and to celebrate with great joy because they now understood the words that had been made known to them.   Neh. 8.10,12 NIV

Is Christmas an awful lot of work and effort with the shopping and baking and cooking and decorating and wrapping and crafts and everything else?  It sure is.  To have a big celebration to show your love to the Savior and to your family, it IS an awful lot of work.  But if just one or two of grandbebes grows up and remembers the satin running through our main tree, as it represents the scarlet thread of the blood of Jesus which washes sin whiter than snow for all time, if they recall the trouble I went through to communicate that message so they could know that blood cleanses them – well, then, I can assure you, I will never regret the work of it.

And if they remember they felt loved and cherished and over-indulged, then maybe I will have imparted a little of the love of the Father to them through us, and that is good, too.  He gave it all.

The sound of rejoicing…could be heard far away…

And on that day they offered great sacrifices, rejoicing because God had given them great joy. The women and children also rejoiced. The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.  Neh. 12.43

So….anyway.  It was merry and these are a few of my memories.  One month ago, to the day!

See short video!

This was a gift to Dave from the cast of “Merry Gentlemen”

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