My Top 12 Picks for Heaven Fest

Heaven Fest

OK- there are the “obvious” bands and big-name artists, but I want to point you in the direction of some of the things  I don’t want to miss at Heaven Fest (   So here are my top 12 picks for HF in no particular order:

[1]   Group 1 Crew – so hip!   Their little passing musical blurb at the HF website is my favorite part of that promo (from the song, “Forgive me”).   I hadn’t heard of them until we booked them a few months back sitting at my kitchen table on a cold Tuesday morning, but I like how they sound (hip-hop, urban soul).  

[2]   Bradley Hathaway – this super groovy slam poet.   I know, I know, I’m an oldie, but I feel more cool just by watching and listening to him.   There are lots of youtubes featuring Bradley.   I’d highly suggest you make sure you get to see him!   He’ll be both “performing,” if that’s what you call it, AND presenting a workshop.

[3]   The Smiley Kids– reuniting of a Colorado band (punk/skaters/ska).   My kids loved this group when they were in High School and attended all their shows.   They had a quite a following and we’re all excited to enjoy seeing them together again (though the sound is mind-numbing for a grandma like myself, but just to see my kids skanking again, how fun)  – a blast from about 10 years past.

[4]   SHEL – a Colorado group I hear is going to make it big-big-big in the next couple of years.   They are already opening for major Christian artists who come to Colorado and they have a great sound.   It’s a girl band, all sisters musically trained by their parents or dad and just very talented.

[5]   The standout sister from SHEL:   Eva Holbrook.   She plays the mandolin really beautifully.

[6]   Andy Garcia – powerful voice, gentle spirit.   We’re practically neighbors and our whole family loves this guy and he can out-Israel-Houghton the actual Israel Houghton.   What more can I say?

[7]   Chariot Sky – up and coming group (rock/soul)  who spent Thanksgiving at my house-throwing apples and oranges fast and furiously in a made-up game that  rendered said fruit inedible.   But fun to be near greatness.

[8]   Dan Wakefield – worship pastor, song writer, husband.  Dan is a young man who is just so pure in his heart after God that you cannot help, but be drawn to him.   He is guileless.   That is why you can trust him leading you in worship.

[9]   Jude Del Hierro – of the “More Love, More Power” fame.   Tredessa works with Jude at Confluence Ministries and where he and his wife, Cindy, are reaching the inner city, our region,    and the world with compassion, love and musical worship.   These people are the genuine cream of the crop: character, humility, and servant-hearted.   I am so glad to have them in Tredessa’s daily life!

[10]   Megan Isaacson – beautiful voice, acoustic,  great song communicator!   I got to hear her last night lead at the 40 Nights of Prayer and Worship.   She won best new song ’05 for “My Worship” at the Rocky Mtn. Christian Music Festival in Estes Park, I’m told.   Very gentle and genuine.

[11]   Jeremy Girard – piano worship.   Dave and Tara gave me a CD of Jeremy playing 45 minutes of free-style worship, no pre-written songs.   That way you get to sing your own to the Lord.   It remians one of my favorites!

[12]   Cleto Rodriguez – comedian, funny man.   You can check out a clip here.   If he doesn’t make you laugh, you are seriously over-burdened – and this, from a truly serious person.

Just in case you’re planning your day…Jeanie

And by the way: Rush of Fools needs your help.   They are a young band who’ll be appearing at Heaven Fest.   All of there equipment and merch was stolen yesterday morning.   They are asking for prayer and/or financial support.

NOTE TO SELF:   Do not even think about the fact that Heaven Fest is only 22 days away because it is my Sabbath and a holiday.


1 thought on “My Top 12 Picks for Heaven Fest

  1. I went to Heaven Fest. yesturday and it was awsome! We came from the western slope with a van full of youth. We did not know what to expect regarding the day, but we were all had a great time and the worship was wonderful.

    It was a hot day, but the Lord profided a swath of continous cloud cover right over the event. To the left and to the right the clouds were broken up, but over the event it was continous! Praise HIm!

    Can’t wait for next year!

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