11 thoughts on “Dave’s Brand of Patriotism

  1. I can relate very well with Dave! I would have to say Toby Keith is my favorite country singer, and that “Courtesy…” is my favorite song.

  2. Well, here in Nashville, Toby is just another redneck, but, oh my, the impact he he must make in CO! Any man who can make my sweet, innocent, clean faced, skirt wearing friend type the word “ass” has made quite an impression!

  3. I think Sherri, Jeanie ment to type “as” and stuttered ;)
    Yes, mom, Jeanie was only typing “as” and misspelled…

  4. I do think the song has a little more punch than Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA”. But I like that one too.
    I especially like the Toby Keith video with all of our soldiers, makes me well with tears every time…

  5. Thanks for the laugh, Jeanie! It must have been 4th of July “Country-fide” year – the fireworks at Thornton were put on to KYGO’s music – we actually enjoyed it very much. :-)

  6. Well Sherri, in C.O. we don’t use offensive language. We’re almost like the Amish out here. Gotta quit typing it’s time for the evening barn raising party.

  7. Amish in CO, huh? Do tell. I guess that makes our potty-keyboard friend Jeanie the archtypical Coloradian? Well, it’s too much fun to find our humanity (and have our friends point it out.) Now, Bryan, the barn raising party sounds fun, but I think you just wanted me to check out YOUR blog, which I did. I must say that any man with such deep-seated hatred (read, fear) for tomatoes must have a deep spiritual wound associated there. I will add you to my list of people who need breakthough where vegetables (and fruits) are concerned.

  8. You crazy people!

    First of all, I wrote that because even though Dave is basically normal the rest of his life, every patriotic holiday, he does, indeed, play Toby Keith loudly – several times and practically gets teary. I tease him about the prideful, nationalistic American attitude towards other nations (I may be a teensy bit more liberal in my thinking than Dave. Ha!). It just cracks me up that we gp through it everytime. And we have holidays coming up in September, October and November, and I already know how we will observe them. Yikes!

    Secondly, my good friend, Bryan – Sherri wasn’t casting disparaging remarks toward all of Colorado. Believe it or not (and knowing me now-I know you can’t) I was once innocent, naive, perhaps occasionally sweet, a good girl and compliant preacher’s daughter. Sherri knew me before the fall.

    You people crack me up!

  9. You two innocent? Didn’t I read somewhere on this blog that you girls were rating the hot guys at school or was that someone else?

  10. One can be innocent and still recognize hot-ness. It’s a matter of controlling God-given urges. Filling legitimate needs in illegitimate ways…how do I get this back to tomatoes?

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