My Girls


Jovan, Stormie, Tara, me, Stephanie and Tredessa at The Heaven Fest Appreciation Dinner (where I had the worst hair night, but a tremendous amount of fun in my Norma Kamali dress doing my rather-comedic, if I do say so, trivia observations about HF). 

I love my girls.  I am blessed by them, in spite of the fact that they tell me I am like Diane Keaton in “Because I Said So,” with which I must totally and vehemently disagree.  I may intrude a bit, but I am not as prudish and uptight!  And I wouldn’t wear those flouncy 50’s dresses, because I am more of a 40’s woman.  We do both make cakes, though.


These are My Little Women.  And it is such an honor to work with them in all things life, love, family and ministry.  Heaven Fest has been one of my favorite things ever because we do it together.


Good lines from Because I Said So:

Milly:  I’m gonna be just like you mom.

Johnny:  Once I saw that you were a woman with profound static cling, I wanted to be that force around you…I love that when I breathe you in you smell like cake batter.  And I love that you have this insane way of talking in circles that makes perfect sense…I love your eyes.  I even love…your mother.

*Thanks to Luke Bodley for getting us in frame.  We thought there was no way in Hades this could turn out because of the way he lunged at us just as he counted to three.  But, wow, Luke.  You did it.

4 thoughts on “My Girls

  1. For the record, movie personalities are generally real personality types, exagerrated for entertainment, so I wasn’t implying that you were EXACTLY like Diane Keaton, just that it was an exaggerated version of you. While you’re not intrusive, you do take an active interest in my love life (and sometimes blast it out to the HF leadership through email or thank you dinners:) and don’t even try to deny it! I would hope that I’m not like Mandy Moore in that movie who wanted to kill her mother over this fact. It doesn’t bother me and it’s not a bad thing. You’re just interested and I’m glad! I remember a close friend saying one time how she loved that we (you and the sisters) all talk about romantic interests and wished that she and her female family members were as open and interested.

    And I agree with Milly, “I’m gonna be just like you, mom.” I think I already am. :) And I love it and I love you!

  2. Love all the Rhoades-Kelley-Powers women! Each of you have been a blessing in my life and it is so fun to do life with all of you. Diane Keaton is one of my favorite actresses, Jeanie – embrace your inner-Diane! :)

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