Morning’s Glory

Good Morning, Dear Morning ~

My you are sweet and delicious today.

Seriously.  You have outdone yourself!

Thank-you for your faithfulness in arriving each day.

Quality time is my love-language, as you know!

Stay as long as possible, please!



With the first gleam of morning rays, the garden is a prism

of a thousand hues refracted in tiny does of crystal dew, a

dazzling quilt of millefleur colors covering

the sleeping flower beds.

– Duane Michals, The Vanishing Act


Morning Glory is the best name,

it always refreshes me to see it.

– Henry David Thoreau

JUST SO YOU KNOW:  Yes, I am well aware that there is not one Morning Glory pictured here even though I chose a quote using the flower’s name and even gave it a nod in the title.  Do you know why?  You don’t grow Morning Glories in Colorado so much because they become crazy yard-over-taking weeds in short order here.  So I am told.

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