‘Bout Birthin’ Babies

I will soon go a doula-ing (doula is Greek and means “a woman who serves”) for Stef and Wrex when Sawyer Joell is born.  I’m not really a doula, I just get to play one with people I adore (Carol Ann is soon to do the same thing with Emma of Gospel Journey fame!).

“I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, Miss Scarlett…”

Actually, I do.  I got to attend birthing class with the Phipps a few weeks back and recently checked out a few birthing books from the library.  It is bringing back the memories, omygoodness!  Because, you know, I had a few babies back in the day.  And I was really good at it, if I do say so myself.  Now-how will I be in this role?  I am hoping not to faint or require constant fanning or smelling salts.  I hope I don’t get too empathetic with Stef and start crying out to God for mercy in a loud voice.  I just don’t think that will help.

The book.

Meanwhile I have been studying and researching and brushing up on my birthing knowledge.  I have enlisted prayer support and continue to madly write in the litle journal I will leave with Stef and Wrex for Sawyer to enjoy someday.  In it is advice on labor and delivery and some sound wisdom on raising kids.  I have included lists of things I want to remember while at the hospital and signs to look for as labor progresses.  There are make-you-sniffle baby quotes and prayers for Sawyer.  I have given baby girl the inside scoop on who her parents really are and shared favorite scripture passages.


In short, I am hand-writing an entire book just for the occasion of the birth of Sawyer Joell Phipps.

It is good stuff!  And yes…none of it is original, but I have collected it over the years and I am writing it in the book, so it is mine!


O Sawyer?  Where are youoooo?

Now, truth to tell, we had actually sort of cleared our calendars for today seeing 8.9.10 as a wondrous day for a birth.  But we know God has this thing all planned out and are just anxious for Him to let us in on His perfect plan.  He seems to have us on a need-to-know basis for the moment.  But we are ready, I tell ya!


Thoughts on the threat of C-Section during Labor

I do come across some very thought-provoking information these days.  For instance, an article about the negative hormonal effect on a woman when she is laboring and is told “If you don’t start progressing/dilating/efacing (or whatever her shortcoming) soon, we’re going to have to do a C-Section” and how that actually is detrimental to her labor and begins to inhibit the process was explained thus:

If a man was told that he had to get an erection and ejaculate within a certain time or he’d be castrated, do you think it would be easy? To make it easier, perhaps he could have an IV put into his arm, be kept in one position, have straps placed around his penis, and be told not to move. He could be checked every few minutes; the sheet could be lifted to see if any “progress” had been made.

– Nancy Wainer Cohen & Lois J. Estner, Silent Knife, Bergin & Garvey, 1983


Certainly gives you something to think about. ;p

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  1. Ok, I know the reminder of this was posted for Dessa… However, I found some helpful reminders :) Thanks for writing from the heart!

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