Mamala and Papala


My parents just stopped by to see me for a few days on their way to Phoenix where, for the second time, they are attempting to embark into retirement.  They retired a couple of years ago…for about a month or two, then they went straight back into ministry.

We got to celebrate my dad's 69th birthday with all of our kids and grandkids.  We selected movie clips that reminded us of him.  All were about him being a man of prayer (He prays for us all every single day) except Rocky, who brought the comic relief for the night, showing a scene from "Nacho Libre" where Jack Black was trying to impress the "Sister" by contracting his buttocks in white pants and Rock said he imagines that was Grandpa – back in the day-trying to woo Grandma.

My dad reported a conversation they had recently that he felt summed up many of their conversations.  It went like this:

Mom: They say if you play games like Yahtzee, it will help your memory stay sharp.  Do you want to play a game?

Dad: Yes.

Mom:  I forgot where I put the Yahtzee game.

Mom and dad will spend a month in Phoenix asking God for His next assignment.  When I write them, as always, I will attempt to find creative greetings instead of the usual "Dear mom and dad…"  Some of my past favorites:

Dear Mater & Pater…Dear Mamala and Papala…Dear Mummy & Puppy…Dear Mo & Po…Dear Mama Mia and Diarhea…Dear Matriarch & Patriarch…Dear Madre & Padre…Dear Mere et Pere…

But my all-time favorite, the one that cracked me up as I wrote it and them as they read it: Dear Mammogram & Pap Smear!!!

Thanks for coming by to spend time with me, Marigold and Peony.  It was wonderful!  I love you!!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Thank God every day for my heritage.  Honor mom and dad (this is the 5th commandment with a promise: "…that it may go well with you…").  Keep up the correspondance!

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3 thoughts on “Mamala and Papala

  1. What wonderful parents you have!  I can see where you get your sense of humor, and your names for them made me laugh out loud.  Too funny that they're headed for Phoenix for retirement number two.  My folks, the same age as yours, are in Phoenix right now on retirement number one.  We're thinking of starting a pool for how long it will actually last.  They're not in ministry, but they're go-getters of the highest order, too.   You are blessed, Jeanie Rhoades… and you are a blessing.

  2. That exchange between Gramps and Gram about Yahtzee is hilarious!  I can see it in my mind and I'm laughing hysterically.  It was great to be with them no matter how short.  We are blessed to have such a Godly heritage.  I pray that it will continue on down through the generations.

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