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Just updated the FYI-about Jeanie page, too.  I am sure that it is more than you ever wanted to know about me…but I told you anyway.  Questions?



And by the way, we are eagerly awaiting our next granddaughter (this will make it 2 boys, 3 girls) any day now.  Jovan and Rocky had us all make guesses about her name, day of birth, weight, length, etc for the baby book.  So far I am still in the running with my guesses:

I selected the name Abigail because it means "the father's joy" and I think the obvious tie-in to the famous street in London: Abbey Road, along with the Beatles album would be a cute conversation starter (her father is, after all, Rocky Rhoades).  I hope they choose it!!  I hope we have an "Abbey Rhoades" soon.

I chose Jan. 27 as the brithdate because that is my dad's birthday and it would make a great gift ( a new great-granddaughter – get it?).  And I chose the time to be 10:08 pm for my birthdate, Oct. 8.  I predicted her to weigh 8 pounds and 4 ounces in honor of her daddy and to be about 20 1/2 inches long, a nice little bundle of joy!  Pink is in the air!

We'll see how it goes…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Get bag packed for hospital waiting room – a good book, camera, snacks…what else?…

Pictured: Rocky and Jovan, eight months pregnant

13 thoughts on “Go ahead-ask me anything

  1. I can't wait to meet this new little Rhoades girl.  I predict that she'll have lots of hair and big beautiful eyes!  And probably massive thumbs (like Rocky's) *snicker *snicker.  I'm going to miss Jovan with her little round tummy.  When she goes back to her flat stomach, I won't have anything to rub as I walk past her.  Love you both!  You're going to be parents….amazing!

  2. My guess is today!!!  Unless she is in labor right now, I'm thinking it's not going to happen;o)  I'm so excited to see a little 'Rockan'!!!

  3. I'm so excited that I can hardly wait anymore but my guess is on Feb. 1st and I really want to be right=) I would be okay if she went early though!!!! I love having babies in the family! I don't even get to see Gavin, Guini, and Gemma enough. I love them so much too! I really enjoy being an aunt.

  4. Well, I can't be held accountable to remember where the good ideas come from!!!!?!!!!  I just knew it sounded good when it hit my brain last week.  OK – I give Bryan equal billing with the Beatles for the Abbey Rhoades name!  There!  Geesh…

  5. As for things you should take with to the waiting room… I think you should take a laptop so we all know the instant she arrives!  Take pictures of her toes – I love baby toes!  (Not just her toes, we want to see her precious little face too)  :]]

  6. Oh Baby! How I would love to be there when that sweet girl is born.  Jovan looks beautiful pregnant. May your birthing experience be the most incredible and blessed one of your life. The miracle of new life, there's nothing like it!

  7. May this delivery be the best experience of Jovan and Rocky's lives up to this point!  Sure wish I could be there, too!  New Life, it's the greatest!

  8. Well, my guess, was yesterday at 10am so, now I get no million dollars! But when the little one comes, that will be better than the million, so I'll wait… Things to take to the waiting room??? Hmmm??? All the electronic gagits that we own, video, digital and laptop (okay, well not ALL the gagits, I'm not dragging my surround sound from 1999 in there) Yes, I agree with Amy, digital photos galore! My guess on a name was Aurelia Rockan (a combo of Rocky and Jovan pronounced: Rock On!) Rhoades. Every time my cell and land line rings, I hope that it's them !!!!! I pray for this little one that I have never met yet, everyday. dad

  9. My guess is….. this little one likes it right where she is (nice and warm) she's going to enjoy this comfort for a little while longer… then she'll  make a grand appearance…. say, Feb. 6th.  I know this girl is going to be a beauty!

  10. Ooooh, yeah.  Definitely post sme pics of the baby toes.  Baby toes are the best!  Right up there with freshly washed (with Baby Magic) baby heads, and baby fingers, and baby cheeks, and chubby little baby tummies… OK – I'm expecting LOTS of pictures, then!  :)

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