Le moi d’Avril

[French} Le moi d’Avril = The month of April [English]

“April is the cruelest month,

breeding lilacs out of the dead land,

mixing memory and desire,

stirring dull roots with spring rain.”  ~ T. S. Elliott


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Tiny leaves and buds have appeared on the miniature lilac near the patio.  I love lilacs (part of the unruly olive family).  LOVE them!  Did you know that, situated properly in full sun and well-drained soil they can last for centuries?  Someday I intend to have a secret writing garden surrounded by lilacs where I shall where a yellow dress and sip tea, eschewing all forms of modern technology.  Yes.  I will do this.

You may visit me there, but your phone is not welcome.

7 thoughts on “Le moi d’Avril

  1. I would love to visit you there, and wear a yellow dress as well. I suppose I could partake of some tea also…I do love tea.

  2. .Mine would be lavender with white sandals.

    Jeanie, lilacs mean so much to me. My mother and I have a special bond around lilacs. We had several around my childhood home and my mom swears that for as long as we lived there, the white lilac bush outside my bedroom window always bloomed on my birthday. She would cut some for a centerpiece for my birthday party and feature some white lilacs surrounded by lavender. So fragrant!

  3. Do this before you are old because it seems I’ve heard you say that when you are old you shall wear purple! Yellow is perfect for now though!

    1. Yes. That was before all those crazy WalMart shoppers started wearing purple dresses and big red hats. I cannot do that trend. I was at Ross today and noticed at 6 yellow dresses I would love to have for summer. Yellow looks lovely with a tan. :) But lilacs rarely bloom before 4 or 5 years-at least not in the crazy-all-over-blossom sort of way. And actually? I kinda am already old. pooey….

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