This is in the church driveway today, about halfway to the building (on the way in to the Heaven Fest office for a meeting).  The earth.  The dandelions.  The rolling, dark clouds.  It was a beautiful day.


taken with a very inexpensive camera by a pretty terrible picture-taker. : )  Yet, kinda beautiful!

Thunder showers!  Lightening!  Started out raining like crazy (way, way-low visibility on the way to Longmont).  Cleansing rain, abundant moisture.    Then sunny, warm, bright and beautiful.  Then this gorgeous weirdness (dark on the south, sunny and blue on the north).  All fading into a deep reverberating-blue, spring evening.

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.

Earth day = The LORD’s Day!

NOTE:  99 days until Heaven Fest!

3 thoughts on “earthday.

  1. Kinda looks like my back yard. I love it when it rains and then when the sun comes out. Its breathtaking.

  2. OOoooooohhhh, thank-you, Mandy. YOU are an amazing photographer so that means a lot! Pearl-your backyard IS spacious. I am SO glad I turned back and took these. Today when I went, they were all shriveled and dead. Tsk.

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