Kent Henry!!!!

Our family-all-time favorite worship leader (the leader on our first ever Hosanna’s! Integrity cassette worship tape: He is Exalted), has a video blog!!!

Kent Henry:  Great voice.  Spirit-led.  Full of wisdom and grace.  Passing it all on to the next generations.  He played at Heaven Fest 2009 and it was awesome!

AND, on this one, he is teaching from my favorite book of the Bble: Ephesians!

The times of refreshing come from His presence because of the power of redemption…(references the song “The God of the Redeemed” from Brian and Jenn Johnson at Jesus Culture).

“Don’t let the devil ever stop you because you’ve fallen in sin…keep using your gift.  This is a secret I learned years ago, this is from the heart of God to yours.  The devil will try to condemn you and confound you to the place: no more prayer, no more playing the guitar, piano, whatever you are doing in your church, teaching, but do not stop.  Don’t let him stop what’s going on in you in terms of redemption.  Use your giftedness as God is perfecting His holiness on the inside of you.”

Hear more on this Youtube video.  I just subscribed to the whole channel!!

Now-what is cool/weird is, perplexingly…I went to bed singing an old hymn from  my childhood that I honestly cannot remember singing for the past 30 years.  Maybe I have, but it isn’t like a favorite song or anything.  It is vcoming together…Today must be for exploring redemption….by the blood of Jesus…

Sweet is the song I am singing today

I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed

Trouble and sorrow have vanished away

I have been, I have been redeemed.

I’m redeemed by love divine

Glory, glory, Christ is mine

All to Him I now resign.

I have been, I have been redeemed.

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