Just fine, thank-you.

I stumbled across this image at www.keep.com, which is a lot of stuff I don’t need, but so visually appealing I start to think, just for a second, that I do.  Nonetheless, very fun to look at.

This t-shirt made me actually lol.  Really. Totally laughed-ol!

Then I wondered about the designer.  What little ping of pain might have brought this out?  Because very often you will ask some one how they are doing and they will say, “Fine,” and you’ll find out later they were not fine at all but bleeding internally, agonizing in pain over a very difficult situation in their life, but they apparently didn’t want to alarm you.

Have you ever felt like this shirt, but said you were fine, anyway?

1 thought on “Just fine, thank-you.

  1. Interesting take. I do it all the time to strangers and acquaintances and sometimes to those close to me. I don’t want people to be bothered with my burdens.

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