I am able to shock the grand-girl

Averi & Amelie are here for a few days while mommy and daddy & baby Bailey are doing ministry at a Dare2Share Conference in Lakewood at Colorado Christian University.

We were talking about how many days it was until Averi would be starting Kindergarten.  She asked me how many days it was since I was in Kindergarten.  Thousands, Averikins.  Thousands and thousands of days.

1st Day of Kindergarten

Then I said, “Hey-do you want to see a picture of me on my first day of kindergarten when I was 5 just like you?”

Yes!” she was excited.  “Do you have a video of it?”

No,” I explained.  “Some people did have old movie cameras when I was little, but back then nobody could do videos like now.  There wasn’t even YouTube or anything.”

Her eyes widened, she shook her head and became incredulous?  “What?! How did your mom do videos of you then?  That is so weird, Nonna.”  Her eyebrows were drawn together, her jaw dropped open in shock.

I am the antique, vintage, old-model relic to her.  But she loves me anyway.  I guess I recall having that same reaction to my Grandma Allison telling me her grandfather was a circuit preacher who went town to town by horseback.  No car??!  I thought.  Amazing.  Hard to believe people could live like that.

Meanwhile, my grandkids cannot comprehend not having smart phones.  Gavin is going to teach me how to do special movie effects soon, a little trick he mastered on his iPod.  They are speeding right past me.

averi as a baby

Averi wanted to look at her baby pictures on my computer today after looking at the vintage Jeanie-in-Kindergarten pic.  She wanted to use www.picmonkey.com to make one “so cute.”  I showed her a few things and then she took over.  At 5, she is able to navigate re-sizing the images and even changing the colors.  She did this herself with just a little prompting from me, then finished it and said, “Please put this on my mom’s Facebook and tell her ‘This is my picture and this is my blog.'”  I didn’t even know she had a blog.  :)

Averi – the soon-to-be Kindergartener…Oh yes.  I took this gorgeous picture…but I mean, the subject is divine!

When we hit save on the baby picture she had filled with birds and animals, she exclaimed, “Now THAT’S what I’M talking about!”

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