It’s Baking Day at Our House

There couldn't be a more perfect day – a soft and fluffy Christmas snow has sugared the ground and branches that surround.  The sun shines brightly, causing twinkly reflections.  The counter awaits with mixing bowls and colorings and sprinkles in all the appropriate Christmas colors. This is how I romantically imagine a gloriously, grand day of Christmas baking at our house: left-to-right: Stormie, Jovan, me, Tredessa,  Tara, Stephanie.


I'll let you know how it really turns out!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Keep Christmas with all its' cookie dough bits and colored sugars on the floor.  Enjoy each bite, calories be darned!

3 thoughts on “It’s Baking Day at Our House

  1. Hope that a good time was had by all!  I love the gathering of family and occasions you all celebrate together.  May your granddaughters keep this tradition going with their grandaughters!  :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I CANNOT believe how much we made! Seriously…I only had about 2 bites of anything because I couldn’t take all the sugar. But it was a wonderful time hanging out with girls(while Rocky snoozed on the couch).

  3. Thank you (Storms) for locating Rocky for me in this Christmas plan…I wondered right away where he would be…actually when I saw the picture (first) and started reading what your Mother was thinking, I thought quickly, "She wouldn't dare put the Rockster in a bonnet and make him bake cookies with the girls?!…"  But to know he was a'snooze on the couch made all the world seem right again!  Thanks…now I can go on with my usual Christmas ponderings.  Just before I cease to linger here for one more moment let me inquire: do those cookies mail okay? Joe (Brother-to-the-blogger…Uncle-to-the-Storms)

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