Black and White Indulgence


"My great Aunt Jennifer ate a whole box of candy everyday of her life.  She lived to be a hundred and two and when she'd been dead for 3 days, she looked better than you do right now." – the critic in the 1942 black and white movie, "The Man Who Came to Dinner" to his nurse, who was telling him candy wasn't a good thing for him.

My secret indulgence?…the thing I yearn to do that always makes me feel rested and as if I have just done the most luxurious and decadent thing?  A black and white movie in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

I wonder why I rarely allow myself this simple, satisfying pleasure?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Put this activity on my list of Sabbath-rest life-givers (Sabbath: "Cease from what is necessary.  Embrace that which brings life.  Then, do what you want." – Mark Buchanan in The Rest of God).

2 thoughts on “Black and White Indulgence

  1. Because God gave them to us…isn't that the whole point of wonderful things…like the Sabbath?  He gave them to us…not us to them…we spend all our time trying to give ourselves to things when in reality things are given for us.  (And a deeper side-theological note: isn't that why we (children-of-God) often fail to "fill the earth and subdue it?"  We are too busy letting the earth "fill and subdue" us!  To watch a black and white on a midweek afternoon is you "dominionating" as our Father has instructed.  I'd be game myself if we could add chips and dip and a diet coke to the scenario!  Of course, I'd still want supper.  :) Your piggy-back blogger, Joe

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