In all my travels…

“In all my travels past and all my travels yet to come, I’ll never find a better friend.”

~Mr. Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street (1995).

I have a strong emotional response each time I hear that line in the this classic Christmas movie remake by John Hughes.  I mean ~ Kris Kringle had to have had a lot of friends and we know he travelled extensively, right?  I thought the quote must have come from classic literature, but I am unable to find any reference to it anywhere else (meaning Google).

It just makes me wonder…

How many people in a lifetime do you think you really, actually get to say this to and mean it?  And how many people could even say it to you?

all my travels

{By the way, I MET Santa the other night myself at the Parks and Rec Board Meeting where he received an award for his generous service to the community.  And guess what!??!  He said he’ll be at Heaven Fest!}

2 thoughts on “In all my travels…

  1. I can ACTUALLY verify that story about Santa. He’s such a sweet guy and he really has become Santa over his 45? years of playing him. AND he’s coming to Heaven Fest!

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