Identity Confusion


I think the potted grape tomato plant is having trouble conceptualizing what it was bred to do.   So, while eating some actual grapes, the idea donned to place a small bunch into the tomato plant so it could visiualize the goal, where we want to be.

See, little grape tomatoes?   See these cute little grapes?   This is all I want.   I am not asking for more.   You just need to stay little and turn red and sweet.   There is really no sense in puffing up and trying to be a full-grown Roma, for that isn’t how God made you – that is not the goal of your life.

Packed all around its’ base are very happy and large purple-red celosia, apparently cheering this gargantuan-growth nonsense on.   Hopefully, however,  I have now relieved this particular plant of its’ incessant need to show off and elevate itself, to exhaust itself trying to be more and do more than anyone really wants.   It is true it had some help: the heavily-fruited grape tomato plant in the pot  on my patio  is loving the Miracle-Gro soil, as I have found, nearly all plants do.

Viva la Grape Tomato…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   Remind Stormie relentlessly  to care for tomatoes while I am away…

2 thoughts on “Identity Confusion

  1. You’re not even gone yet…still sitting in the airport, and I already feeled nagged about the tomatoes! But I love them, so I will care for them:)

  2. It just goes to show you that you can call it a grape, plum, or cherry, you call color it green ,yellow or red, it’s still a tomato. It’s just a wolf in sheeps clothing

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