Guin-Guin Day in the Garden

Here is what we learned today, just Guini and I having a little time to ourselves: gardening trumps Play-Doh time.   We  harvested 3 different types of peppers,  4  varieties of tomatoes, some cukes, some zucchini and handfuls of green beans.   Oh – and some wayward okra that seeded itself this year.   We are choosing to ignore the field of garlic chives that is threatening to take over the entire backyard.  


Here is what else we learned:

  • Watering is fun no matter how wet you get.
  • That the corn has been left to “mature” a bit too long.   It is still tasty, but tough, so we’ll let the stalks turn brown now for front porch decor in a few weeks.
  • The chiles are slowing way down in production, but they are beauts!
  • Perhaps we should have staked the jalapenos?
  • We did NOT get the watermelon in soon enough and the baby fruit are dropping in the cool night air, so sadly, we shall not reap a harvest here.
  • Nonna doesn’t check the cukes as often as she should and she has let the green beans run wild.
  • Though we may have plucked the zucchini a bit too zealously, we can still enjoy every part.
  • And it is possible to garden in sparkly, pink shoes.

A day with Guini   (aka The Flower Girl) is a sweet, soft day…Jeanie (aka Nonna)

NOTE TO SELF: Check the bounty more often – this is what all the work and watering was for!

pictured: Guini with the second batch of garden goodies; Guini inspecting a zuch; Guini with her zucchini flower; and Guini discussing gardening and telling me she still likes flowers better than veggies.   Imagine that?   (Click on photos to enlarge)

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