I have a new grandson!

Omygosh – I have had to wait two whole days to say it out loud!

He is here!  He is here!  He is here!  And 6 weeks early at that!  But a finer, more beautiful boy, you’d be hard-pressed to find!

{{Malakai Hatcher Powers}}   He’ll be known as “Kai” which means Rejoice!

Please DO read about him at Tara and Dave’s blog, which has been all about their adoption journey for the past year and a half.  ALL THAT WORK: for this beautiful bundle.  He is so worth it and we are very grateful to the young woman who gave him life and to God for placing him in our growing familia!  He is welcomed by grandmas and grandpas and nonnas and poppas and cousins and more cousins and aunts and uncles and LOVE!

READ HERE:  http://powersadoptionstory.blogspot.com/

REJOICE with me for another grandbebe…number seven!  Now I have 4 grand-girls and 3 grand-boys and though the boys have strategized a catch-up, so far not to be.  For the next grand-girl arrives in March!  Oh, yes, she does!!!


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