Getting Acquainted with Baby Kai

Oh. my. word.  I love him.

I love him, I love him.

He is 5 days old today (Monday).  These photos were taken when he was three days old.

Please pray for him, will you?  Pray for my 7th grandbebe, 6 weeks early, if you would be so kind.  He is still in NICU at a really wonderful hospital with an amazing staff.  He has some challenges to overcome.  He has rhythms to master and development to continue and bottles to learn to love.

Sleep is his favorite, right now.  And he seemed to enjoy cuddling, too.

Poppa (who was also adopted so many years ago) blessed baby Kai.

This is the small giraffe who keeps careful watch over our little Kai during his time under “the lights.” 

And just so you know ~

These were taken Saturday, “Bronco” day.  And we dutifully wore blue and orange so the little guy would be exposed to that which he has been born.

But it didn’t help, did it?  Don’t blame me, I wore my orange.  I don’t even like football.  But, wow, I adore Malakai, bunches!

2 thoughts on “Getting Acquainted with Baby Kai

  1. There is an ARMY of prayer warriors covering this amazing gift from God and so many of us praising God’s name for little sweet little one. Congratulations to you all!! And welcome Kai, hope our Broncos do you proud next time around.

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