I Caught a Katydid

Good heavens, the garden has gone wild this year. Wild!

I caught her.  This is no small feat since they look like leaves, so difficult to see. She, such a faulous shade of {dare I say it?} ‘Jeanie-green,”  emerged from a potted zucchini and began to stroll up the water spout.  I had a cannister nearby and swept her in while I decided what to do.

I read this online:

Katydids are members of the grasshopper family, and can be distinguished by their long “horns,” bright green color, and by the male’s loud, shrill call which sounds like “Katy did” and thus has earned them their onomatopoeic name. They do not pose any particular problem for the home gardener, but do feed on shrub and tree foliage.

Now, I think everyone knows I loathe, despise and abominate the grasshopper and it’s whole immediate family.  And these katydids are apparently related – yet, seemingly less trashy.  There was none of the grasshopper-tobacco-spitting-garden-chomping-cussing-taunting-and-bullying going on with her.  She just seemed to be out for a morning stroll.  I think we all have relatives that are utterly horrrendous and we have to admit we are related, yet we know we are nothing like them.

katydid release


I released her into some front yard shubbery (which needs some pruning, anyway), where she may munch on deciduous leaves and make noises to her hearts content.  But she better keep away from my veggies.

“She” may be a he.  I did not spend time getting acquainted…

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