Happy Birthday, handsome boy.

Early yesterday morning, the first cold, wet, dark morning of the fall, leaning against the elevator door too ealry on a Saturday morning – didn’t you remind me what a gift you are when you ran and jumped up to hug and kiss me and say “Happy Birthday, Nonna!!” ?  Oh, yes, you did.  LOVE you, birthday boy!

Casa Bonita tonight?  YES!

3 thoughts on “Hunter-Magoo!

  1. Happy Birthday dear friend. Hope everyone made over you as much as you do over them. You are an awesome person, influencing more people than you know. Hugs!
    One of the stewardesses on that new show about Pan Am. (don’t you love the look of it?) looks like you when you were young. Did you know that. So pretty.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to my little Hunter B-Gunter.
    We had a good time at Extreme Challenge last night literally swinging from the rafters and rolling on a sea of rubber balls.
    I love you little guy.

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