My dad was a country boy in Misourri, growing up in the 1940s ,who had to wear cover-alls too school.  He hated it.  And remains a very snazzy dresser to this day.   This post is not about those little bibbed britches, actually.  But rather, song covers.

Song covers.

That term can make a lot of people cringe with horror like fingernails on a blackboard.  And usually, whenever some one “covers,” a song, or sings something that once “belonged” rightfully to another artist, I tend to think, “Why?  Why are you doing that?”  It was already an amazing song, done amazingly by some amazing artist I love {and am amazed by, it would seem}.

But honestly?  There are great covers out there and the best, I think, are done well because the bands re-recording a tune respects the song so much and loves it for what was originally done with it – that they are able to communicate it really well.  I actually want to BE a cover band, for my next job.  **big, goofy, smile**

I still really adore Mariah Carey’s version of the Jackson Five’s, “I’ll Be There.”   Just the other day, Blake (“Some Beach) Shelton released his cover of Kenny Loggin’s 1980s version of “Footloose,” and it is a respectful, countrified, get-up-and-dance version.  I like it.    The video is mostly fun, but a little too much dirty-dancing for me to post it here (this is a family blog, people), but the song is good.  Great cover.

“Close to You,” by the Carpenters is simply classic and part of the soundtrack of my very life,
almost too precious to communicate.  Great (Bacharach) tune that it is, it has been covered a gazillion-million times and though I usually, absolutely dismiss any attempts at the re-do, there are a few artists who have given me such an interesting rendition, that I have come to appreciate why anyone ever attempts it at all.  It is just a great song.  And the live Barbara Streisand and Burt-the-Bacharach-himself version in 1971 are an interesting watch.  And I must admit truly loving Mario Biondi’s raspy, deep, jazzy version.  It is well interpreted.  He knows why, ya know?  And he respects the song.


Though I was city born and raised (if Des Moines can be considered a real “city”),  my heart that craves the “Boondocks,” which was a grand hit for Little Big Town a few years back.  Felt like listening to it the other day and found out that this band that feeds my country-boondocks-slightly-bluegrass periodic-craving has done a bunch of great covers.  They’ve done their original stuff with harmonies I love to get lost in, harmonies that harken back to the likes of the Starlight Vocal Band (“Afternoon Delight”) and so many family sing-a-longs in my youth. They are not hacks.  They’ve earned the right to cover songs they love.  And here is my favorite find!

I’d love to be introduced to more great covers, espcially of 1970s songs.  Anyone??



2 thoughts on “Cover-Alls

  1. Though not 70’s, Paul said, I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton was done by Whitney Houston. I liked it but my goodness. it must be the most played song ever. Also Smashmouth did the Monkees I’m a Believer. Walk This Way by Steven Tyler was done by Rum DMC and Arrowsmith. All Along the Watchtower was written and done by Bob Dylan. Jimi Hendrix covered it. Blinded by the Light was orginally Bruce Springsteen. But Manfred Man’s Earth Band made it a hit. Locomotion was orginally done by Little Eva remade by Grand Funk Railroad in the 70’s. Da Doo Ron Ron was done by the Crystals than it was a number one hit for Shawn Cassidy in 77. Paul says Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles was covered by William Shatner. lol I told him you were asking for “good” covers. But Elton John covered it too and it was a decent cover. Drift Away by Dobie Gray was done again by Uncle Kracker but with Dobie Gray. So is that a revival or a cover? And how many covers has Rod Stewart done? I like his Big Band ones. Fun game, Jeanie. Thanks, Paul and I had fun with this.

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