Heaven Fest In-Kind



Watch this from THIS year

That is my sweet daughter, Tara.

Watch this from LAST year.

This is my sweet daughter Tredessa flanked by my wonderful s-i-l, Dave and the irrepressible Luke Bodley.

Heaven Fest is not-for-profit.  It’s for giving.  It’s for blessing.  It is for obedience.  It is for making the Name of the LORD glorious.  It’s for bringing the Body of Christ in the Rocky Mountain Region together to BE a blessing.  Where two or three are gathered

CLICK HERE:  Take a peek at the wish-list.  Any dollar we don’t have to spend is another dollar that goes back out in to ministry.  Got supplies?  Know anyone who might?


Generators.  Tents.  Portable ACs.  Plywood.  Water coolers.  Plywood.  Snow fence.  Traffic cones.  Flashlights.  Trucks and trailers to borrow for set-up and tear-down.  Light towers.  Gas cans.  Snow cones….no wait.  I added that.  Thinking about how hot it will be during set-up…But, you know: stuff.  Check out the list at the Heaven Fest website!

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