Black Spiderman Cake for a Red-Headed Kid

Gavin wanted Spiderman.


Pictured: Black Spiderman Cake


Yes.  Spiderman is hot-glued to a non-stick spray cap.  That’s right, what of it?

I hand-carved the small Spiderman figurine using  from-scratch fondant…  NOT!  Bought him at WalMart.

10″, double-layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing, tinted black.  I used pre-made icing and augmented DH mixes.  I cut notches in a piece of cardstock and ran it around the side to create the comb-effect ridges.  A little white icing from a tube.  A little red icing from a tube and voila!

And to think: my first “specialty” cake ever (or at least since the ridiculous venture into Wilton-type cake decorating in the 1980s…maybe someday I will have the courage to share those pictures…) was for Gavin’s 4th birthday when his mommy requested a dinosaur cake. I plotted for weeks-it nearly did me in. {sigh} June 2007.  Time flies…and I get a little more laid-back about the cakes with each birthday.  Nicer for everybody!

On the occasion of the celebration of Gavin’s birth

His mommy got him a Spiderman costume.  And Aunt Jovan got Uncle Rocky one, too.



Averi looked lovely in lavender and yellow, from her two-piece and cover-up to her flip-flops and matching bag, not to mention her sippy-cup and sunglasses.  Her accessories and coordination were flawless.


Guini was all smiles and cuddly-ness.


The girls looked summery.  And it was 90-some degrees out, so – that seems appropriate.

As long as everyone has their own purse, everything is just fine.


Grilled chicken sandwiches on bolillo with the sweetest corn on the cob ever!  The boys were on edge with some intense Battleship strategy against Aunt Dessa (and with her accusations of foul play, who could blame them? tsk.)…


First grandbebe dip in the pool this year.

Simple toys are best.  A freshly cut lawn for running and staining feet bright green.  And good, old-fashioned latex balloons, all while using “outdoor voices”.  Entertainment in its most basic form!


Click on thumbnails for a larger view



Family get-togethers before Gavin-the-first-grandkid  was born were much much quieter.  And less colorful, too!

Cake devoured.  Black-tooth smiles.  Good times!

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