Heaven Fest by Other Observers


Others  who have written  about Heaven Fest.

My friend, Donna, wrote about her husband’s ministry to Nathan.

Rob Kelly, one of the most gracious pastors of the very generous and gracious church who allowed us the use of their property for Heaven fest, and just basically gave us anything and everything they could, wrote about Heaven Fest here and here and here.   Maybe he wrote more, too…

Pearl and Bryan helped sow the seed, build the event and clean up afterwards.   They participated through and through.   Read Bryan’s account here.   This is a cropped version of a snapshot Bry took during Main Event.

A miraculous healing for Traci.   God was watching out for our crew!

Carol Ann  (my Maui partner-in-crime) was hanging with the ‘importants’ at HF.   She was the HF liaison (Director)  to the stars, aka “artists.”

A family I don’t know,  but found on google attended and wrote about the Main Event.

A couple of girls who experienced life-changing encounters with God at Heaven Fest wrote about it here.

This musician   (Jeremy Riddle’s drummer, Brandon McCoy, it turns out) was impacted by people he met during Heaven Fest.

One of the stage managers, a guy right in the middle of the fun, Joel F. wrote his thoughts.

Jeremy Camp did a video blog at Heaven Fest.

This blogger’s comments have given me lots of things to consider as we evaluate HF and things we need to do better.   Thank goodness for God’s grace for the stuff we missed!

I really enjoyed this young guy, Hector’s, observations on what happened at Main Event!

And this young guy really sensed people were there for God!

The people of Heaven Fest  I met and the ones I didn’t-I am amazed by them all.   But the HF leadership team was outstanding!   In the end, we had 21 “directors” over the various parts (modules).   We were new at this and they were our  “guinea pigs.”   We handed them what we had, which for many was not much.   And most were able to turn our best, but  less-than-wondrous-at-the-time-they-got-it  work into gold, pure gold!   I am so thankful God allowed me to be a part of Heaven Fest and to work side-by-side with the directors and some  really wonderful  managers, as well.

Add to that leadership team  the remarkable volunteers that showed up from all over the place and  you can understand why HF worked.    It was the people!   The people who worked (directors, managers, volunteers)  cared  enough about the people who came (12,000+)  to lay aside their time and efforts and resources, to give up just relaxing and meandering  with a snow cone, to work until they were bone-tired, to make HF happen.    I am absolutely in awe.   HF Leadership, I am amazed at your total lack of self-centeredness, at your complete eschewing of entitlement, which is  too prevalent in these days, even in the church.   Thank-you for pouring out your life in this way!

I still cannot get over seeing the Body of Christ work together like this.   Beautiful!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   So many thank-you’s to write,   many people to appreciate.

pictured: some views from a plane early in the day by Mark Aiken.   Note how small the 80-foot wide stage looks (top, right corner of 2nd photo).   The church even looks small!

2 thoughts on “Heaven Fest by Other Observers

  1. Incredible!
    If you weren’t there, you should have been!
    Great photos and the stories are rolling in!
    Thanks so much again to the staff and pastoral staff of Northern Hills, we couldn’t have done it without you!
    thank you soooo much!

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