Happy FIRST Birthday, MalaKai!

What on earth?  Has a year flown by?

Oh, MalaKai, or Kai-Kai, as we often call you – you just surprised our socks right off the day you came (early and anxious to be a Powers boy) and since then, you have tumbled sweetly, softly, with certainty straight into our hearts!  You have been the recipient of 10,000 Nonna-hugs-and-kisses and looked me straight in the eyes when I’ve told you the profound truths of life – and you have believed every word.

kai over the topkai kai bday

You were born to be a Powers boy.  You were born to be raised by your extraordinary mommy and  remarkable daddy and have Hunter as your big (and totally wonderful) brother.  AND you were born to be my grandbebe, my very own little grand-boy.  How amazing is that?  And you know what?  I was born to be your Nonna – and I take that very seriously.  And with all the joyousness and delight it brings, too!

Small Size (4)

Yep, he is 1…”Gimme that camera, Aunt Stephie!”

Baby-Kai – you were born and we have been doing the happy dance ever since!

malakai 3 days old jan 12 13

Malakai, 3 days old

Everytime I think of you, I thank God for you – for real!  And I pray that the LORD will bless you and keep you and that He will make His face shine right on you and that He’ll be gracious to you (giving you the Holy-Spirit-empowerment to be who He created you to be and to do what He created you to do) and I pray that He will lift up the favor of His countenance on you/over you and give you very full and sweet peace for all your days!  That’s what I pray for you, I do!

Nonna LOVES you, Kai-Kai!

Baby KaiKai at 4 months




3 thoughts on “Happy FIRST Birthday, MalaKai!

  1. Oh yes! You are a bundle of joy! And you certainly have grown into a Charlie Brown! I was elected most likely to be Charlie Brown in about 4th grade? I don’t know. But I love to nuzzle your neck and make you giggle. You are Papa’s boy. I love you, Kai!

  2. Happy Birthday, to our little Kai! We love you so much. I love that last picture on Christmas morning. He looks like Tara to me. I think it’s cool how God has done that – the power of adoption!

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