Happy Father’s Day, to my papasan

He was all of 21 when I was born, my dad.  He practiced being a parent on me.  :)  It worked because he has become truly fabulous at it.  I am my father’s daughter.

Love you, dad.

I like THESE dads, too:

My husband Dave, whose children are his most treasured possessions in this life.  He thinks about them, prays for them, tends to their requests and loves them so much more deeply and passionately than they could probably ever know.  You, all my sweet children, have a dad whose everything, heart and soul, is invested in you

Tristan, DP, Rocky and soon, Ryan: These amazing young men {{my 4 sons}}  are unleashing godly, Kingdom-building, generation-honoring, thoughtful, intelligent, giving, loving, world-changing, worshiping, joyous children on the earth.  I call said children my grandbebes.  But the 8 + 1-in-the-oven {Gavin+Guini+Gemma+Averi+Amelie+Bailey+Hunter+Malakai+baby-to-be-Faaland}?  Have WONDERFUL daddies!  They are so blessed!!!

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