Happy Birthday to My Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad~

Seventy-one years ago today Ressie Belle, widowed just weeks earlier by a tragic automobile accident, cradled you in her arms: a son who would carry on his father’s name, A. Ross Moslander.

That’s a tough start during hard times.  But you have done that name proud.  You’ve lived vigorously, for both yourself and the father you never knew.

No one in the world could ever doubt you were born for God’s purposes, papasan.  Since you found Jesus and He found you under that starry sky on Missouri farmland when you were 15, you’ve been on an adventureous journey of faith with all the Type-A, driven  energy of an Olympic runner, eyes set on the prize.

And you have spurred the rest of us along ~ thousands of friends and relatives and acquaintances and church members along the way, but especially your family, us kids.  And your zeal burns hot into the next generation, your impact is just getting revved up.  I am spending my life trying to keep up with my amazing dad.

You are the Psalms 127 and 128 man, dad.  You are the man in Psalms 112:  you are blessed and your children are mighty in the land.  Your heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.  Your family is fruitful and growing and you have received so much heritage from the Lord (talk about a full quiver!).  Your sons and grandsons are like arrows in your hands – the enemy does not want to contend with you when he sees this army you have unleashed in the land!  Look at your children and their children and now their children’s children:  we all love you, honor you, respect you and celebrate you!

Happy birthday, holy man.  Happy Birthday, my dad and my hero.  I love you….Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Call dad.  Wish him a happy birthday.

Youtube: Got together the other night for dinner and sang to you.  Stephanie and Gavin weren’t there, but the rest of us Rhoades-Kelleys-Powers were.  

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Dad

  1. Grandpa- I hope you read these because you HAVE to know that you are loved and honored. I love so many things about you: You pray for us (one of my favorite pictures is you sprawled out on the floor in prayer), your laugh is probably my favorite laugh in the world because your eyes disappear, you throw your head back and it is uncontrollable, you take time to tell us our heritage in the Lord (I will never forget that night this last summer), You love God, you serve Him, and you have paved the way for all of us to do the same. You are the very best Grandpa for me and I am grateful and very much loving you. Tara Jean (the first grandbaby)

  2. Happy late birthday, Grandpa! Thank for you raising your kids to love the Lord because they’ve passed it on to their children and when I look at you and Grandma I understand that we don’t just live our lives for ourselves or our spouses or even just for our kids, but the generations after. That’s a legacy I want to leave. I love you!

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