Bald by Choice…no, really!

Dave did it.

He chose baldness for his role in the upcoming Prairie Playhouse production of Annie as Lt. General Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks.  I have long dreaded the day.

He got a shorter haircut a couple of weeks ago and shaved all the facial hair to try to “warm me up” to the idea.


Then we gathered the family for the dastardly deed so the grandbebes wouldn’t be freaked out by him, but they kind of are.

Dave is bald.

A buzz and a Bic and voila.  A huge pile of his thick, healthy, black with ever-so-few white hairs was vacuumed up and disposed of as if there is no concern for its future return.  And perhaps there is not.  For when I had the courage to touch it the following day, it was so thickly populated with little hair buds that it was like Velcro – not at all smooth the way a truly bald man’s head might be.

“It will grow back,” Dave promises me each time he sees me eyeing him warily.

So he is bald to be Daddy Warbucks.

But I keep wondering if I could get some seed and turn him into a gardening experiment like this?

Dave and his Bic are going to have to be very close friends for the next TWO MONTHS!  Yikes!….Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Tomorrow, tomorrow Dave’s hair will grow back…

11 thoughts on “Bald by Choice…no, really!

    1. Oh, please do, Denise. There are lots of kids in the play and the tickets are reasonably priced! Even our skittish family mutt is making an appearance. She is playing the actual dog she was named for: Sandy!

  1. The hair cut looks great!!! He looks like Daddy Warbucks! That’s for sure. Wish we could see a performance…will they sell video of the show after it is done?

  2. Oh Jeanie…I feel your pain. I have finally just convinced Joe to quit clipping his hair so short. I keep reminding him that he is no longer a police officer. I really don’t like shaved heads much less bald ones. Ross is also starting to grow his hair a bit longer. Dave does look great for the part though. Thank goodness hair grows so fast.

  3. Hope it doesn’t turn into that Seinfeld episode…you know the one. hehehehhhee
    Hey, I gotta love a bald man! Right!

  4. There is a very fine line between Warbucks and Fester. Have you tryed putting a light bulb in his mouth to see if it lights up!

  5. Carol Ann Kelly, Kaylee Yarrington and Earletta Fryer like this.
    Jessica Carter Nice!! He will play the part perfectly!!
    Yesterday at 12:56pm · Chuck Andes Very nice daddy warbucks…now you look like…youll have to beat the ladies off with a stick..
    Yesterday at 12:56pm · Erin Hopkins Winegar Awesome!! Where is he preforming Annie?? I want to go!
    Yesterday at 1:02pm · Ashlee Joy Hecht-Nielsen Now thats dedication! Love it!
    Yesterday at 1:29pm · Chuck Andes Where and when Stormie…Bev and I might go and bring Justin.
    Yesterday at 1:43pm · Chuck Andes Oops sorry… and where?
    Yesterday at 1:45pm · Christy Clay no freaking way! I am a bit weirded out to see him this way. though i know it is for an awesome opportunity! Congrats Pastor Rhoades!
    Yesterday at 1:49pm · Dave Rhoades Ticket information at
    Yesterday at 2:08pm · Mia Eckes WHOA!!
    Yesterday at 2:21pm · Mairin Bierer crazy!

    Yesterday at 2:32pm · Evan Bierer rad!
    Yesterday at 2:50pm · Sebastian Schowe Dave, I think you should keep it like that!
    Yesterday at 3:01pm · Stephanie Rhoades Kelley Yes, EVERYONE should come see it with us – I will post when we are going – it will be fun!! My parent’s dog Sandy is going to be ‘Sandy’ in the play:)
    Yesterday at 3:43pm · Tara Powers I’m so excited!
    Yesterday at 3:46pm · Chuck Andes Definitly keep it like that Dave
    Yesterday at 3:59pm · Marilyn Frandsen Your dad makes a perfect Daddy Warbuck. Can’t wait to see the play. Your dad is so awesome.
    Yesterday at 4:08pm · Robert M Lienhardt Way to GO!!! I’m sure it will be n excellent performance!
    Yesterday at 4:31pm · Rhonda Morrison WOW! I really like the new look! I so wish I lived closer so I could come to see the play!
    Yesterday at 6:44pm · Audrey Kesler I giggled when I saw him on your mom’s blog.
    Yesterday at 7:13pm · Anastasia Marie Rutz looks pretty good…i think he will make the best daddy warbucks ever!
    11 hours ago · Elise Moslander He looks just the part!! WOO HOO! I wish I could come see it with you all! Is someone taping this??
    9 hours ago · Earletta Fryer He looks good bald.

  6. My comment is pretty much what I already told Dave~~~~
    I’m just so glad he is stepped forward and got the part in “Annie” ….. a play that I’ve always wanted to see on stage….and especially since ( he’s)… one of the two “main stars” of that play.! Oh…. and~~about the haircut ?….. Well to tell you the truth I think he’s handsome “either way.” Just wish I could be there opening night.! Love ~~~Grandma

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