Happy Birthday, Stormie Dae

Hasn’t God unfurled a powerful day for our baby girl?  Sunny and springy, wicked wind and blue-gray clouds, then sun again, then a downpour, the sun moving in and out of clouds and possibly some sleet for a moment.  Then calm again.  And a pretty sunset for the cream on top.  All for our Stormie Dae.


I have told her Happy Birthday here since I have been blogging.  I am such a Stormiephile, I re-read them all.  And you can, too, if you click on the year numbers below.


She turned 25.  The first time I did a photo with blessing and descriptive words all over it.  Sort of appropriately, after doing them for the whole fam this past year, picnik.com is closing down in a couple of days.


You are loyal to a fault and so creatively, over-the-top, abundantly, self-sacrificingly, Holy-Spirit-empowered in your giving.  Your generosity has touched people around the world and I know why God has blessed you monetarily at such a young age: because He has anointed you to give and He trusts you with the job!”

She is a popular auntie



Twenty-three wishes for Stormie.  “Age and maturity reveal one of the kindest people I have ever known.  She serves and cares and quietly sets things aright.  She is 23 now.  The baby is 23.  And I love her.”


I was praying for her voice to be heard.  And now it has.  “I pray that [the song of the LORD] (via your beautiful voice) will burst onto the scene very soon.  I see your eyes light up and I hear your spirit rejoicing in the music and worship of the God of the Universe. Even when there is no apparent sound, your heart rising in worship is loud and anointed and undeniable.  I am still waiting for you to go public with the song that is rising.  Sing, O Daughter of the Living God.  Lead the people in the song of the Lord for His delight, His acclaim.”  We are blessed that you have shared your voice!.


The first year of my blogging, I got to tell her story.  And I got to publicly tell her this: “I am so pleased with you, Stormie – who God has created you to be, and how you are dying to self to become that woman.”

Can’t believe how blessed we were the day you were born.  Treasure.  You are a wonderful person.  You are a loving sister and aunt and friend and such an honoring daughter.  You were the grand finale for dad and I, the crescendo, the flourish, the signing-on-the-dotted-line

You are peacemaker, compassion, mercy, avid reader, movie critic and are truly good-hearted, like your dad.  You are colorful, a songtress, thoughtful writer, sharp-witted and wry, a gentler version  of me.  I see us in you.  But you, the amazing person you are, you are in us, too.  We are better people for you in our lives.

I see my pretty baby. I see the little munchkin {“Be-member, mommy, we like to schnuggle“} and I see the gorgeous woman you are, inside and out.  I see God in you.

Happy birthday, Stormie Dae.  Your momma loves you!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Stormie Dae

  1. Love it. You capture her in words so well, Aunt Jeanie :) She really is the best la prima a girl could ask for! Happy birthday {yesterday} Storms!

  2. Geez mom, I am going back and forth from crying at the powerful words I feel inadequate to have spoken about me to being mortified by the story of my first bra wearing and the dress – haha! Thank-you so much for always taking the time to pour YOUR beautiful words into blessing for us on our birthdays, I am honored – truly. Love you deeply and thank God on my birthday for creating me to be in this family.

  3. Hahahaha! I know. That was hilarious and I actually wanted to use it when I wrote yesterday, but figured that would be the prize for anyone else who decided to read all about you. I LOVE that some of the things I was praying over your life for, GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFUL! O yes, He has. Yay!!!!1

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I didn’t get enough of you at the reunion, leaving early…you need to come back for another visit! Love you!

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