Happy Birthday, Gemma May!

Gem Gem is two.  She is veeeeery good at it!

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I have a glimpse of who Gemma is becoming everytime I see a Fancy Nancy book or outfit: naturally curly red hair, sparkly and feathery and delightful!  She ornery and sweet, sneaky and a little lamb.  She holds her own, takes dominion over Sandy-the-dog and tells us, when she wants to be held, “I scared.”  She is the baby of her family in all the glory that place brings.

My favorite of our current conversations:

Me: I love you, Gemma

Gemma: I love you Nonna

Me: I love you more

Gemma: I love you more

Which she will keep up as long as I do.  Very affirming!  She is two and I cannot remember life before Gemma!

Happy Birthday, Gem-Gem-jor-eeee!  Nonna loves you!

pictured: Gemma in April at Stormie’s Twilight party – eating the apple prop; Gemma with her Aunt Tara last week at Mazatlan.  Gemma on Mother’s Day, seated on her/my new black breakfast bar stool.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gemma May!

  1. Oh my Gem Gem – Happy Birthday!!

    I can’t believe that it was two years ago that you were born! You were my late late late baby, and you were definitely worth the wait. You bring so much joy to my life – you make me laugh all the time!

    Thank you Jesus for Gemma – she shows me so much about happiness, and I know that you put her in my life for a reason!

    I love you my baby!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Gemma-moo! You are such a delightful little girl. Ornery, but impossible to discipline. I can’t tell you how many times you woke me up this morning (over before church since mom and dad are on the worship team) with your high-pitched little voice, full of glee and wonderment at every little thing. I can’t wait to watch you grow into the woman God’s called you to be and I know you will continue to be one of the funnest little people to be around. Your Aunt “Sessa” loves you so much!!

  3. Happy Birthday Gemmie!! I love you so stinkin much little girl! You make me laugh at every little thing and of course it makes me feel wonderful when you say “Hi Stormie!!” upon entering a room. I love you!

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