Happy Anniversary, Rocky & Jovan


One year…52 weeks…365 days of wedded bliss and happiness…

Happy anniversary, you two.  You're still the glowing, beautiful bride and groom.  I cannot believe it has been a year since 40,000 twinkling lights and dancing on the stage and a night that almost stormed, but broke into bright sunlight as the bride came down the aisle, and the 5-tier cake with thousands of shimmery fondant pearls and Jovan's unending smile, and sparkling bubbles filling the night sky and the shiny midnight blue Mustang whisking you away to 2 weeks in Hawaii.  The tables were elegant and finely appointed, "more candles than a midnight mass"  (shamelessly swiped from a Brad Paisley song) and the food delicious. 


The dress was magnificent, but who noticed when they watched your face, Jovan? Rocky's eyes were glued to his beauty and I couldn't quit watching him watching you. 

It was a night we'll always remember and a lot of people crashed the reception just to be near you, drawn by your love – invited or not! 

Alas, 365 days later, it is still new, still fresh.  You're the family newly-newlyweds, still oohing and aahing.  Watching you scrapbook your wedding album, every week, Jovan, I think it is adorable how you still paste little words by Rocky's pictures like "Man of my dreams."  Because I know you are the woman of his.

I told Rocky his whole life, kiddingly, of course, that there'd never be another woman who would love him more than his mommy did.  I was wrong…gladly and joyfully wrong.


Happy anniversary, my sweets…Love, mom

NOTE: pictures from the wedding 09.15.06

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Rocky & Jovan

  1. Happy Anniversary Rocky and Jovan.  It was a beautiful wedding.  You could definately see the love in Rocky and Jovan's eyes, and their unending smiles to each other.  God bless.

  2. Yes it was a beautiful evening. Also our honor and privilege to help at it. Loved helping two great kids start their life together.

  3. Happy Anniversary you two!  How quickly that night passed!  It was one of the shortest weddings I have ever been too, but so much fun;o)  It feels like only a few months ago – hard to believe a whole year has passed.  Hard to believe I was only about 6 weeks pregnant with Gemma at the time, and now she is almost 4 months old! I love you guys both!

  4. A year already and a new little Rhoades is on the way! I remember joyous dancing. Lots of blue light. A very delicious cake! Great food! And outstanding atmosphere! I know there were people on my side of the fam that had never seen anything like it before…or since. I love you both. Remember to always keep yourselves for each other and to guard your hearts. Let your love continue as if that day had never ended. I love you    dad

  5. I missed the wedding but I have been able to watch a bit of the marriage and let me just say, what a wonderful example of love shared.  If age weren't my enemy I'd pause here long enough to scribble a quote from the Doc Holiday character in the final scenes from Tombstone…"Live, Wyatt- take that young philly and ride off into the sunset and really live!  Live for me, Wyatt!…and so on!  And that's my sugestion to the both of you- LIVE!  IN the nature and passion of your creator, live with every ounce of energy you can muster, and then some!  But live!!!  Enjoy one another

  6. Happy anniversary!  Thank-you so much for letting me be such a big part of your wedding, it really was an honor.  I love you both more than you know…

  7. Happy Anniversary, Rock & Jov!  Well, it's been a year and I think I can finally say that I've officially forgiven you for getting married before me…..mmmmm, nope nevermind!  I love you both and it's been so fun to watch your love blossom over this past year.  I can't believe we're going to be seeing little Jocky soon!!  The child will be as beautiful as both of you!  He or she will be able to take care of Rovan and Bill when they come along!  hahahahaha  Okay, enough of that!  Happy Anniversary!  I love you!

  8. Happy Anniversary you two! We are honored to be your big brother and big sister. We can't wait to be an aunt and uncle again either! The first year has been great and the second can be even better! Pray and worship together…EVERYDAY! Love you so much!

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