Happy 4th Anniversary, Dave & Tara

Happy Anniversary to 2 of the world's great lovers and friends.  I love your love.  Everybody loves your love.


Your wedding remains in my mind one of the great romantic events of all times.  I will always remember the joyful dancing and the delight we all felt when Dave became our son and our daughter had chosen so wisely, so beautifully.  You are each incredible human beings.  Together, you are some of the most amazing people on earth.  Add Hunter and the beauty is nearly indescribable.

Blessings on the anniversary of the day the covenant was shared and celebrated by the people who love you most.  We are still celebrating with you….Mom


NOTE: First 2 photos above were taken in August in Missouri (Moslander Family Reunion). 

This last one was taken last summer by Steve Stanton www.stevestantonphotography.com


6 thoughts on “Happy 4th Anniversary, Dave & Tara

  1. I add my blessing to that also.  I was reminiscing about strands and strands of Christmas lights adorning the back yard. Kabobs on the grill. And dancing to The Godfather. I love you both. I'm so glad that Tara, you married Dave. He is another great son! And together you made a great little Hunter! I love you all!!!! dad

  2. Yay!  I am doing this comment 15 mintues before your anniversary is up!  Wow, 4 years already – it's gone by so quickly.  I too remember your wedding as a great night – small, intimate, and filled with people you loved.  I also remember it being extremely cold outside!  Good thing we had the reception outdoors……;o) Love you guys!

  3. Happy anniversary to the gooiest saps I know!  Just kidding:)  As much as Tred and I complain about how lovey dovey you two don't mind to be in front of EVERYONE, we're really just jealous:) I love you guys so much…happy anniversary!

  4. I don't know why Storm is speaking on my behalf!  I still think you two are too lovey dovey!  Only kidding, of course.  Stormie is right.  We both can't wait to find our husbands to be lovey dovey with.  Thank you for being such a great example of a Godly, loving marriage.  Now that you two good-looking people have joined together, it's your responsibility to create yet another cutie like Hunter….maybe a little girl with long blond hair this time though.  Love you!

  5. Dave- after Tara was born and before she could motor around the house on her own, I used to sit on the floor in front of her (with her in her little infant recliner) and I'd play the guitar and sing to her.  She may not have really liked it but she never did get up and walk out on me.  I believe she has always needed a guitarman in her life- there were periods when she didn't have one and it just didn't work out.  Now you are her guitarman, forver to remain!  Sing into her life, love her, cherish her…as I see that you already do- she'll never just get up and walk out on you.  Tara, you've found the ultimate guitarman; he lives to sing and his life flows naturally as if he were a vine flowing, growing, reaching, conquering- flowing directly out of God's word…together (with Hunter) you two take the stage of life to point men and women to God.  God, so pleased with you, bursts forth from your lives as light and energy.  I am blessed to know you and to belong to the same family.  Enjoy what you have- everyone else is! Uncle Joe

  6. Hey Bro and Sis, Happy Anniversary!!! Jovan and I love you guys a ton and you've been an awesome example for our marriage. Thank you for your relationships with the Lord, everytime we're around you it shows!! Love ya, God Bless your marriage Rocky and Jovan

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