H i d i n g Place // Song for a Sunday

You are my hiding place

You are my hiding place

You shall preserve me from trouble

And You shall compass me about

with songs of deliverence

What time I am afraid

I will trust in You.

Some days, I just pull out the old Hosanna! Ingrity Music and  worship my head off.  Couldn’t find a Youtube for this particular Hiding Place song, though the other You are My Hiding Place song that I also love like crazy is everywhere there.

But in looking, I also found this one.  I sang this so much back in the day that people in our church liked to play it and say, “Hey, Tredessa (or whichever kid), – who is this singing?”  “Mommy,” they’d say.  I sang it that much.  I’ll tell you something now, we’d have to drop it about  3 or 4 keys!

Wow I loved this song back then!  Those late 1980s…

I Hear Angels


T W O songs for a Sunday!  Sing with me!

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