Grandkids as Cupids



My Valentine from Stormie was a mounted 8 x 10 she put together of the grandbabies.  The other night at a family dinner, she and the kiddies disappeared for about 15 minutes (where I am told they were swathed in white fabric and photographed) and this is how the whole thing re-appeared.  Stormie loves having fun with Photoshop: changing colors, cropping, cutting and pasting.  Do you see the word "love" 5 times in it?

They were supposed to be cupids, but kind of look like little forest faeries.  Nonetheless – this is my Garden of Love!

Thanks, Stormkins, for always surprising us and cracking us up!…Mom

NOTE TO SELF: Find the perfect frame… 

pictured top: Hunter, Guini, Gavin; bottom: Averi (only 8 days old when taken) and Gemma (8 months)

6 thoughts on “Grandkids as Cupids

  1. Oh how cute.  I bet the grandchildren have a ball playing with Auntie Stormie.  A wonderful rememberence for Valentines Day 2008.

  2. Your grandbabies probably love it when they get to see themselves in Stormie's finished projects.  She works miracles making them fly and stuff. What a thoughtful and creative daughter & auntie!

  3. Yes the grandkids do have fun with Stormie, except when she puts wings on them and sees if they can really fly! (disclaimer) No children were hurt in the making of this Valentine's Card… That takes care of anyone who thought I wasn't kidding… They were great and those are the gifts that last a lifetime!!!! Chocolate melts away but grandkid pictures are forever! You know how we look at those old sepia photos of our grandparents and they were so solumn? How do you think people will view us in another 100 years when we have waterfalls and wings on grandbabies????? Just a thought…

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