Grandbebes say the sweetest things!

Gemma May (she’s 6)

gemma may and the cake pops

One Saturday afternoon recently, after she’d outlasted all her cousins in some dancing fun, after she’d twirled and leapt and swirled and spun on her toes for over an hour and everyone else had gotten tired and moved on, Gemma breathlessly flung herself across the sofa for a moment and exclaimed, “Oh!  I’m soooo tired, but this music just makes me keep on dancing.”  And as if the music truly was in control of her, her body lifted and fatigued or not, she went right back to her energetic movement, dancing and frolicking about in full vigor.  Music has that kind of power.  :)

The Gavinators (he’ll be 11 in June)

“I call this ‘the wall of me,'” Gavin told me as he descended the staircase at my house, gesturing towards the Urbane Bronze (almost black) wall that nearly killed me last May“Because,” he explained, “every time I look at it, I see another view of myself.”

Gavin and the tomato

It’s true.  It is lined with framed mirrors and reflects my most valuable and beautiful treasures {the grandbebes}  en masse.  So much of a good thing!

Malakai {he turned one in January}

Did Kai, the newest family toddler come to me with tiny steps and a big smile on his face over and over when I spent the day with him last weekend?  Oh yes, he did.  It’s the cutest thing and the icing on the cake was when he came toddling my way saying “Nonna” for the first time and I got it on video!  SO serendipitous!  :)  Be still, my  fluttering heart!

Amelie {she’s 3, but almost 4}

Amelie and her tissue paper wreath

Blessed-blessed-blessed Nonna that I am, I have gotten to do pre-school with each of the first 6 grandbebes so far.  I’ll get to hang with Amelie until she goes to Kindergarten the fall of 2015 and wow, what fun we are having.  She spent a lot of last Thursday hiding in closets and jumping out with the bold declaration “Let there be light!”  It was in response to our pre-school day being “sponsored by the number 7” which seemed like a good time to talk about the 7 days of creation.  Obviously the time we spent whispering in the dark hallway about the earth being without form and void and darkness covering the face of the earth made a bigger impact than the actual number 7, but I don’t mind that one bit.

Hunter {he is 9 1/2}

Kai won’t eat for me, which is weird because he is a great eater.  But regardless of what I try to feed him – it’s a no.  This is going to be problematic when he stays with me for almost a week later this year while his parents go to Paris.

Small Size (13)

Tara was pondering this dilemma at home when Hunter, who felt he knew exactly why Kai doesn’t eat for me, offered this insight,

“It’s too exciting over there!  I’ve been there for nine years  and I’ve still only seen 10% of all their house has to offer!”

Hahahahahahahahhha!!!  That made me so happy.


guini by steve stanton photography

Guinivere (8 1/2)…Is she an astonishing beauty or what?

The K-kids just got to be photographed by a really cool photographer.  You can read about it at Stephie’s blog and see his work there.  They are fascinating photographs, part of a series the photographer is putting together featuring kids just…being.  Gavin gave me the insider information that Gemma had a hard time not smiling and giggling the whole way through the session.  Because Gemma is a happy, joyous smiler and giggler – all the time!


AND – Jovan is blogging more regularly again and those three cute girlies keep us giggling.  We’ve determined that Bailey Sophia (9 months old) must be made out of marshmallow because though a little chunk-a-lunk she is, she is light as a feather and those fluffy cheeks are fun to smooch!

Bailey Sophia by Aunt Stephanie

Pray for Averi who is a little under the weather today – on Kindergarten class picture day!  Boooo…  Surely for a girl so beautiful they’ll reschedule???

Small Size (24)

 So, let’s see…am I missing anyone?  Oh yes!  Evangeline!  She’s 2 months old now!  And she came over and hung out with me yesterday afternoon (oh, her mom, too).  And while it is true, she is not saying a whole lot quite yet, she seems to have dedicated her life {so far} to looking for any and all reasons to smile.  And I applaud her sweet pursuit!  And her leg warmers.  :)

eva 2 months

 That’s 9.  In case you have lost count (I sometimes do) I have 9 grandbebes.  And I really thank God for them!  I was born to be their Nonna!  :)


Pictures of Gavin, Hunter, Bailey, and Averi by Stephanie.  Picture of Eva by her mommy.  Picture of Guini and the 3 Kelley kids by Steve Stanton Photography.  Pictures of Amelie and Gemma and the toddling-Malakai vid: me. 

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