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We, Pearl’s sister,  Anna,  Pearl’s daughter, Audrey, and I, got together at Pearl’s house yesterday to work a little bit on the centerpieces for the upcoming dinners at Th Stonebrook Manor.  I wish Dave had gotten a picture of their garage because it is beautiful!  There are branches and “trees” in our theme colors of icy blue and lim green and it look s magical.

I posted pictures of the branches being painted the other day, but seeing them in person – WOW!

We added some white cherry blossoms to the blue ones for the tables and I got to see the backdrop still-in-progress and getting GROOVIER all the time!

I have watched Pearl and Bryan do a gazillion events and everytime it just feels like they are out-doing themselves.  Each project gets bigger and better!

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous!

  1. Watching Bugs has made me the intelagient purson I am tooday. It hasn’t effected my edukasion at all. It’s edukasional teliviseon at it’s best!

  2. I had a lot of fun! I enjoyed spending time with all these beautiful and talented women. We’ll have to do it again some time but make crafts for us to take home and enjoy. My only wish is that the backdrop looked as colorful as it does in this picture. It’ll do I guess. Thanks for having so much confidence in me. xxoo

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