Amy’s Antique-filled Abode – Home Tour!

I knew Amy like, a million years ago – or maybe it was just the early 90’s.  We were living in Norfolk, NE and going through one of the blackest nights of our souls.  She and her husband, Jim, pressed in to become extremely important friends and safe places for our hearts during that time. 

Amy Rhodes “found” me again via this blog almost 2 years ago now and I am happy to report she has agreed to share her very unique Nebraska home with us – and has even included a few very personal (for me) memories.  Thank-you for the smile and the sweet rememberances, Amy!

I have included Amy’s own descriptions as well as some of my observations:

porch-swing frontdoor stairway

AMY: A warm summer’s evening with a glass of tea or lemonade…my front porch swing beckons.  When we bought our house there was an ugly steel door here. We went to visit a guy that buys fixtures from old homes as they are torn down.  He has about 5 big warehouses that he keeps doors, windows, pillars, banister’s, heating vents, just about anything you could want!  This door used to greet customers to a bank.  The stairs – The first thing that ‘sold’ this house to us.  We love these stairs!  They are not narrow and steep.  They are so open and inviting.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the wood work!  (they were carpeted when we bought the house) And the little bench at the landing up top is from my uncle’s farm house that no longer exists.

ME: Nebraska is full of antiques and treasure-filled hideaways.  As a people, they have carefully used and preserved their belongings so you can still enjoy them today.  Amy-did you know the “family table,” of which I so romantically efuse, is the one I bought from your aunt?  It is the Ethan Allen she raised her children on, I raised mine around and I am now enjoying with my grandbabies!?!


anniversary-art inscription

AMY:  Remember this by chance?  It came from very dear friends!  The back reads: “The wonderous joy of a friendship ordained by God – is what we’ve found in you! May your marriage be ever strengthened by His love.”  The Bierers -Tom & Lisa  The Rhoades -Dave & Jeanie  Happy anniversary 1992.  And the little tag says ‘Victorious Custom Framing’ with the address and phone number!

ME:  We had a little shop with Tom and Lisa Bierer, a place to arrange and create and collect.  We added custom framing to Victorious and on Jim and Amy’s anniversary in 1992, Lisa Bierer painted this piece (which I believe has their names and the scripture reference from Ecclesiastes ~ a three-stranded cord is not easily broken…)  and Dave and I framed it.  Sure enough-there is our little, gold, Victorious label and my hand-written note.  A true relic and one-of-a-kind!


sugarbowl christmas-entry table

AMY:  My Antebellum sugar bowl is from Louisiana.  I do love that sugar bowl!  We saw one on a table in a mansion we toured in Louisiana and then found one in an antique store the same day!  Our 9′ tree in the foyer – Christmas 2008.   [The Table is] The gathering place.  Original legs but the top is old barn wood from an antique shop in Grand Island, NE

table2 estes-pic hutch-and-praying-pic

AMY:  This is an 1880’s gate leg table purchased from Victorious.  The photograph (middle image) was taken in Estes Park.  We were surrounded by houses and here is this herd of elk at 6:00 in the morning on my way out to RMNP to hike with Aaron.  It’s hard to see the sunrise on the mountain tops in a picture of a picture but it was so beautiful!  My most favorite place on earth besides ‘home’.  Maybe it will BE home some day!  The old-man-praying print above the hutch has hung there for more than 30 years, in my parents home before ours.  “Grace” by Eric Enstrom.  The top shelf in the hutch is home to my Fostoria collection started by Jim as a gift for Christmas about 10 years ago.  And my berry bowl set that I found at a garage sale after I searched for years to find the perfect ones!

AMY:  This shelf below  used to hang in a little neighborhood grocery store that my parents owned. It now holds my creamer collection (and some dust).  My Hoosier – jam packed with treasures from various treasure hunts.

ME:  We ALL have a dust collection!  But I promise everyone who is going to allow us a home tour, it won’t show at all IF YOU’LL RESIST THE URGE to dust even one thing!  As a newlywed in Kokomo, IN, I had a Hoosier (in a land of Hoosiers) and and no idea how wonderful it was outside the fact that I needed the space.  It even had a built-in coffee grinder – that you cranked by hand!  Wish I still had it!

creamercollection hoosier

Dont’cha love peeking in through other people’s windows?  In a good way!

Thanks for the tour and the memories, Amy!…Jeanie

NOTE TO READERS:  Let us tour your home??  Just share the little views that make your home home to you…Send me your photos and descriptions


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3 thoughts on “Amy’s Antique-filled Abode – Home Tour!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I’ve enjoyed discovering yours and seeing all of the photos. I love things that are old and antique as well. So much character. I can see that I’ll have to revisit to read all of your posts someday.

  2. Great stuff! It’s like I’ve stepped back in time. I alway wanted to add antiques but didn’t think it would look good in my house. We’ll you, your friend and sister-in-law have proven me wrong. I’ve loved the tours of homes so far and all from the comfort of my home. ;)

  3. It has been a great blog series…home. The place all of our hearts want to be.

    I love looking at all the pieces I wish I had. The sugar bowl is awesome.

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