Gavin hits the double-ones

Oh, Gavinators-

gav playing piano

Gavin turned 11. He also just got his 6th grade schedule, a different teacher for each subject – a middle-schooler. He has this big, authentic smile, a shock of the most amazing red hair, a sprinkling of freckles and an emerging sense of humor. He erupts into giggles over things I didn’t know he would get and it doubles my joy, triples my fun, quadruples my absolute love for him, this all-American boy.

He was my first grandbebe, my first oh-good-grief-I-am-undone feeling. I never thought I’d be one of “those” grandmothers – effusing and gushing, feverishly, wild-eyed in-love with some small child not even my own.

gav skateboarding in denver

I mean – I loved my little munchkins, the five children I birthed. I thought they were just unusually talented and amazing and they brought Dave and I so much joy. Then they grew up and they became the people I most admire in this world. But I wasn’t really mentally expecting grandparenting to be that big of a deal.

But then Gavin arrived and – GEEZ-LOUISE!!! He was breathtaking. He was astonishingly beautiful (well, he has beautiful parents, so…), a magnificent tiny being, so impressively smart from the start and his smiles thrilling beyond belief. He .changed. everything . with his bright eyes and full-of-wonder curiosity. He really did. He altered my identity by adding this whole new generational dimension and infused our familia with new wonder and excitement.

gav his harry potter birthday cake

The Harry Potter I made for him for his 11th birthday

Gavin-L-K // YOU are amazing!

So, of course, I MUST bless your life and thank God for you. I must tell you that I speak words of blessing over you and I speak kindness and good wishes over your life because I love you deeply and want it to go well with you. I want you blessed in the city and in the country and I want all you put your hands to and all the things you attempt to do and to be to prosper and be over-the-top successful.

I pray for you to be strong, not just physically, but in your heart and mind and to be a young man of courage and conviction – to stand up for holy things and protect people around you who can’t protect themselves. I pray you will right wrongs and be a generous giver to people in need.

So I share this scripture with you on the occasion of your 11th birthday and I like it because it was originally delivered to a regular man named Gideon who was just working hard threshing some wheat in a winepress. I am not sure what that means exactly, but I know God’s people were in trouble and they needed a leader, a Judge – some one to help them battle out of the oppression they were living in, some one to answer their cries for help. And here was Gideon just doing what was right, day in and day out. And because Gideon was faithful when no one was watching (except God), He chose Gideon to lead the armies, to save His people.

I can see you as a Gideon…And so the angel appeared with God’s message to Gideon, and I speak it to you, over you,

“The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6.13

Really, Gavin, you can do anything. You will be amazing in your life. The sky is the limit, my Gav – if love is the fuel that powers your plane, then between God and your parents and your Gramps and me, your plane will fly to infinity and beyond and never come down.

gav and the tomato

He loves to garden and eat tomatoes as much as me. The kid is a genius, I tell you!

I cannot remember life before you-

In all the world, no matter what happens, my heart for you will always and ever be partially, at least, pinned to your sleeve, hanging on for dear life – never letting you go. I am so pleased with the person you are, so proud of the young man you are becoming, so excited to know the blessing of God on you because you are such a parent-honoring kid! I just think you’re pretty cool.

Small Size (5)

Hoping all your wishes come true on your 11th birthday and the whole year through! I love YOU!  {nonna}

NOTE: All photos by his mom, whose beautiful work can be seen at

2 thoughts on “Gavin hits the double-ones

  1. All so true! Gav, I could go on and on about you, the precious boy who made me an aunt all those years ago. It’s a title that I’ve treasured more than any other until recently “mother” claimed that spot. One of my favorite pictures is of me in a black tank top looking oh-so young and having just turned 20, with my brand new little nephew sleeping in my arms, your tiny arms draped over my shoulder. How far we’ve come, you and I. I love you a lot, kid! You make us, your entire family, so proud every day. Happy late Birthday once again!!

  2. Happy Birthday Gavers! I love you. You are my Buddy. The first, but not the last. You will lead the way and be an example to the rest. You will be mighty in the eyes of the Lord.
    Grandpa aka: “Dra-draw”

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