Full of Thanks

Last year’s list of things to be thankful about:  http://www.jeanierhoades.com/stuff-i-actually-think/so-thankful


I walk in the door just before dark while a twilight indigo still colors the sky.  Home from a wonderful Heaven Fest meeting where we thanked God for what He has allowed us to be a part of and dreamed big dreams for 2010, Tredessa pulls up to the curb from the same meeting to visit.  Into the house she goes, arms full of her current Christmas projects, so excited to pour her love into the gifts she is planning for her siblings.  Dave has been working on the “big” tree, stringing 5 or 6000 lights on the 12-footer.  The whole lower level is ablaze in light, Stormie in the kitchen baking her famous pumpkin pies with Martha Stewart’s dough recipe.  Spicy cinnamon scents the pre-Thanksgiving air, even as Christmas music is playing.  We are moving furniture to accomodate the people who will join us around the table tomorrow to give thanks.

The house is warm and happy.  But I can’t resist the deepening blue sky and nippy air so I head out for a vigorous walk through the neighborhood.  And I think about simple things that make me happy and things I am thankful for and how sometimes I have selfishly pouted over not getting what I wanted when really, I have been blessed so far beyond what I even deserve.  I am blessed.  I need to say it more, I need to recognize it more.  I need to remember and speak it out and be grateful for all that has been and all that is.    I have been blessed.  And it is the simple stuff that just makes life so rich, isn’t it?  The little things, the silly surprises and the unexpected moments of grace – the stuff we almost forget to acknowledge.  So as I passed houses lit up in the emerging night, already smelling good food as my neighbors are surely preparing for tomorrow like we are, I listed off simple things for which I am grateful, deeply thankful and I thanked God, from Whom all blessings flow.  He has been so good to me.


5 little reasons to be thankful: Gavin, Hunter, Guini, Gemma and Averi

Simple things for which I give thanks:

a gentle rain…the smell of rain (not enough of that here)…being able to remember the lyrics to any 1970s song because I lost so much memory 3 years ago-it makes me happy to be able to sing along with Karen Carpenter (“Long ago and oh so far away…”)…currently having 2 really great-fitting pairs of jeans – seriously!  That is a miracle!…that pumpkin pie with whipped cream is going to be so. flipping. awesome!…true friends, true even when you are a crud…new friends – so much ahead, but you just know when you have met a “keeper”…old friends, because they knew you “when”,  in a certain time and space and even though you come from nowhere, they remember you somewhere in time and they become your roots and your home, the keeper of the proof of you…and good friends, the ones who count forever even if you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like…I’m thankful for the tire swing where I first started singing love songs from my heart to Jesus…autumn colors and what my friends are now calling “Jeanie green”…

…the brilliantly-colored sunset I witnessed from the Northern Hills Church cafe during our meeting and all sunsets I have enjoyed this year…sunny days are here again!…crystal-clear views of snow-capped mountains these November days that remind me of God’s faithfulness…I am happy about things that make me smile a real, genuine, heartfelt, eye-wrinkle-inducing smile (“polite” smiles aren’t, really, and forced smiles are tragic)…wry humor…my old mangy, but o-so-loving dog…quiet mornings and strong, black coffee…the girls downstairs singing “My Heart Will Go On” together- right this second-very loudly, so cute!…don’t you just love music?….

…a full moon…3 jackets from the beautiful Stef at the swap, I love jackets because coats make me too hot…the fireplace in the early dark morning so when I get out of the shower I can remain toasty and being hot is a good thing…google, that’s right, google.com, I love it.  It has changed everything for this information junkie…I am thankful that dark chocolate is actually good for your health…

…So grateful for the seed catalogs that will be arriving in the next couple of weeks reminding me that these short days and long nights will have an end and spring will come just when I think I cannot go on…good conversation…funny conversation…Tredessa and Stormie are on a singing spree having moved past “My Heart Will Go On” to “Hotel California” and then Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”  It is making me smile an eye-wrinkle-inducing smile…I am thankful for a movie or book or point of view on some one’s blog that teaches me something or surprises me or just plain entertains me…for anything that can actually entertain me, because that is not an easy feat…Can you believe the girls are singing “Dancing Queen!?”…that’s entertainment!

…for God trusting me to be a mom…for God just giving me 5 grandbebes and all the ones to come…for great siblings and parents and a husband who has endured me…for the great GRACE of God (the Holy Spirit empowering me to be who He called me to be and to do what He called me to do)…for these things and more, I am thankful.  And I am humbled.

2 thoughts on “Full of Thanks

  1. I too am trying to focus on the little things to be thankful for..like your sweet comment to me about the blog post that came from no where. :) Thankful that I have 3 of my 4 children home with me for Thanksgiving this year. Thankful for sun. I could go on and on but I better save some for my own blog. Have a Happy Day! One of these Thanksgivings we are going to have to get together.

  2. I’m extremely thankful for my awesome family who truly GETS me! I’m thankful for a place called home, where my parents are, no matter where I move to. I’m thankful for all the cute little dirty faces of my nieces and nephews. Thankful for being able to sing at the top of my lungs with family and close friends on Thanksgiving day. By the way, Storm and I were finding karaoke songs for Thanksgiving and couldn’t resist going for it.

    And I’m thankful for my wise and insightful mama! Love you!

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