Black Friday ~ ALTAR SATURDAY!

Black Friday ~ ALTAR SATURDAY!  Next-round voting for Dave’s book starts tomorrow!

Dave’s book, Altar, as you’ll recall, made it through to the 2nd round of voting.  There are 18 semi-finalists and voting will be this weekend ~  



Three things~

  1. Pre-register to vote if you didn’t vote last time.
  2. Download the entries and prepare to vote (but OF COURSE vote for Dave!)
  3. Vote this weekend!

You can follow all of these steps and directions at (on the home page)

I will post on Saturday, too, as a reminder if it is as weird this time as last time.  Please VOTE!

The Big ALTAR Argument

If you enjoy a good debate (or even a stupid one), there is quite the little Altar tizz going on at the Anamoly message boards.  If you are of a mind to, get on and create some buzz FOR Altar!  And?  Invite your friends and family to vote, too!  (FIRST-sign in your account, THEN- follow this link: )

The winner of this contest will be published in the spring by Marcher Lord Press.

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