Four wondrous things on a Wednesday

My little sister.

It is her birthday.  And I love that girl.  Who also happens to actually be a woman in her possibly mid-40s now,  who is beautiful, accomplished and fun.  Wish I could hang out with her more.  She is a woman I admire with my whole heart.

Tami & my little brother, Tim, at the Moslander Family Reunion in June.  Not a wrinkle on her face nor a gray hair on her gorgeous head of hair.  She is a beauty inside and out.

The Phipps Fam.

They are leaving us.  They have accepted a new job which first will take them to Texas for 3 months, then to a yet-to-be-named location which will not be here after that.  And we love them so much.  And Brighton seems a little less home already because they are not at the corner I have so often passed and on the farm land where we took Nativity pictures and enjoyed a summer feast with horseshoes and where Tre once lived, too.  But for now, they are here, in the house with us.  And that is good.

Just really so proud of them and thankful to God they came our way.  And excited for their future.  But **sniff, sniff** gonna miss them like the dickens!

The fruit of my labors.

The garden did not die while I was gone.  Now to keep all of my post-Heaven-Fest promises.  I actually have not labored much this year…yet.  But it is time.


She turned 6 the day of festival (all in her honor!).  And I love her little heart, as well as her gentle eyes and drawing talent.  She is my little Guini-Poo and after her Grandma and Paw-paw Kelley, who are visiting from Indiana this week (o, they are having such fun!), are gone, she and I will gather to make a Nonna-loves-Guini movie!  Hers last year, was the first birthday video I ever did. I love this girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Tami. You are right, no wrinkles or grays! A tender heart. She is beautiful inside and out.

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