I am thinking most all physical illnesses have the ability to take you down because of what you do to yourself, how you push and stress and internalize negativity and life is just go-go-go.  I mean God created these amazing vehicles, our bodies, with such an infathomable ability to be renewed time and again.  Yet, I know when life gets the craziest, when I am too busy to be stopped, I actually feel physical pain.

And I have wondered: should I ask God to heal my physical symptoms if I am not open to Him re-arranging my heart, healing my soul (mind, will and emotions), and allowing Him to restore joy for strength and peace for the journey?  Is there any point in physical healing for something I am doing to myself through overwork or negligence towards my body, the very temple of the Holy Spirit?  Won’t I just get sick again, maybe in a different way?

Get busy living, or get busy dying~

In other news, it turns out we will all die.  Every single one of us.  There is a time to die.  But to give in to death early, to die all the way to dying: what a waste.  To live fully on your way to death, well, this seems better.   If I were to find out a few months from now that I had a fast-acting terminal condition, I would hope that between now and the finding out, to have lived and loved.  In fact to have lived and loved and loved and loved and laughed and cried and felt pain, yes, but joy, too.  I would hope to have bled a little and scraped my knees (not literally, but in sort of a similitudenous way).   I would just hope, not knowing when the end will be, the way to it will have left the inevitable debris of some really adventureous, loud and joyful living.

No morbidity.  Just things I sometimes think about.

NOTE: Shawshank Redepmtion is such a powerful movie.

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