Farewell for now, Uncle Cab

Everett Allison, his father’s namesake and my mom’s baby brother, died yesterday, surrounded by lots of his loving family.

I recall Uncle Cab (for “Caboose“) in about 1963 with a very sharp looking wool, oxblood-colored v-neck sweater over a white dress shirt and some very smart dark gray trousers.  There was a thick lock of hair that kept flopping away from the rest, which was neatly combed-back and almost certainly Brill-creamed, as I recall, being only about 4, it had a certain sheen.

Fast forward to 1997.  Tara had just graduated from high school and all my babies were teenagers.  We gathered in Ohio to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and Uncle Cab and his wife came to help us celebrate.  I cannot remember one word he said when he got up to bless my parents publicly, but I do remember he cried and cried the whole time and was so choked with emotion and deep love and reverence, one couldn’t help but cry along.  I felt very proud to be his niece that day.

Rest in Peace, Uncle Cab.

This photo might have been 1956?  It is my mom and her siblings and nephew.

1 thought on “Farewell for now, Uncle Cab

  1. I, too, remember Great Uncle Cab at their 40th anniversary celebration – what a sweet man…and you have to, of course, LOVE that he went by “Cab”! I’m sad to see him go and I’m sad for Grandmama, but excited for where he is.

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