Dave caved

A first snow (my poor trees are heavy with it) and the husband turned on the heat.  I awoke to a full-blast blaze in the fireplace, too.  I had to open the window.  :)

Just as well.  Baby Tesla is coming for a visit tonight and the chill must not get near her.

PLUS it looks like it will be melted by the afternoon (thank-you, sunshine!) and I turned the heat down to 64 and am am wearing a tank top…in case anyone is worried about me.  Haha*

Those are branches from my raindrop tree…bowing very low wih snow.

Next week?  Back in the 70s – praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

2 thoughts on “Dave caved

  1. For all of you non-Coloradans, yes, we do have snow, yes it will be gone in 2 days. The Lord is just keeping our grass green a little longer. :)

  2. And yes I do believe in warmth. :) Furnace back down, pilot light on fireplace back off. I didn’t even light it last year. .. I dont think?

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